Jade Clark, a student from Sharnbrook Upper School and Sixth Form, had to create a Social Action project for her Media course on a charity that she supports. We are proud to say Jade chose AnnaKennedyonline. She had attended one of our charity events with her father Richard which was our very first Charity Football Match organised by our Charity Champion Nicki Rodriguez. Jade wanted to create a short video to help our charity raise funds to enable us to continue supporting families and to raise more awareness. Thank you, Jade.

Bullying affects so many children and adults and the results can be damaging for them and everyone around them. If you’re suffering, speak up – (you’ll be surprised how much people will want to help), and if you see it, stand up to it. Please share, even if this makes a difference to one person.

#AntiBullyingWeek #Tomorrow

Austin Hughes and I with Joe Lyons Chair of West Ham Community Foundation at House of Commons at 25th Anniversary . Our charity has been asked to do a lot of ‘hands on ‘ work with some great children who have all too often been sidelined within school and the community.

Anna does it again!

Congratulations to Anna for such putting across our message and making us proud!

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Baston House School
Hillingdon Manor School
Baston House School

Autism Hero Awards

We are excited to announce our first Autism Hero Awards to be held at the prestigious Amba Hotel – Mayfair, Bryanston Street, London, W1H 7EH on Saturday 1st October 2016. Join us for an exciting evening highlighting the outstanding work and support in the Autism community. If you know of anyone or any company you feel deserve to be recognised as ‘Autism Heros’ then download a form today and send it back to Lisa at lisa.robins@thevines.org.uk by 30th June 2016 Click here to download your nomination... read more

Autism’s Got Talent, The Mermaid Theatre, London, 7th May 2016.

With amazing performances, special announcements, and a host of celebrities, this years Autism’s Got Talent, hosted by Anna Kennedy OBE and supported by Pineapple Performing Arts, was the best year yet! Autism’s Got Talent provides a platform that showcases an array of diverse talent from performers who are on the autism spectrum. Established by autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online, the event is changing lives and the perspective of autism. This year, as well as the UK, the now renowned showcase offered acts from talented individuals and groups from around the world including Croatia, the US and Canada, proving what a global impact the event is having. The event also attracted the attention of key celebrities including Melanie Sykes, Lizzie Cundy, Robin Windsor and the BBC The A Word’s Lee Ingleby and Molly Wright. All who presented and introduced the performers on stage. “The acts this year have been phenomenal and the show was an emotional roller coaster for all involved. The level of talent is incredible, and the feedback and support has been overwhelming. AGT is a great opportunity for those with autism to get up on stage and really show what they can do. So often society views these people as difficult and uncommunicative but this event really dispels that myth, and showcased some amazing talent! Bring on 2017!” – Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online Previous year success stories include a contemporary dancer who is now performing for Sadlers Wells and last year, Kaner Flex performed, who is now featured in the Calvin Klein campaign with FKA Twigs. This year, the performers include singers, dancers,... read more

Autism Is An Inspiration, Not An Illness

Being diagnosed with autism isn’t the end but the beginning of an incredible journey. Anna Kennedy shares her 20 years of living with 2 sons with autism who have gone from coming to terms with it to succeeding and achieving in school and in life. Everyone with autism deserves a... read more

Autism initiative: could Hillary Clinton’s plans work in the UK?

I was asked by Disability Horizons about Hilary Clinton’s proposal and would it work in the UK ? : Everyone might be talking about Donald Trump, but we want to focus on one of his opponents for a moment, former Secretary of Department Hillary Clinton. In January 2016 Hillary announced a series of initiatives designed to improve the life chances of people affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). If elected as President of The United States, Mrs Clinton would implement her “wide-ranging autism initiative” aimed at improving the lives of people with autism in the US. The initiative sounds great, but will it work and should the UK follow suit? We asked Anna Kennedy OBE, who is Founder of an autism charity, to discuss. Please see link from the article :... read more

Autism Dance Day

Experts agree that dance helps children with an autism spectrum condition develop better, and it can also help them connect more with others. Autism Dance Day is now in its fifth year and always on the last Friday of April and this year on April 29 !!! Soooo strike a pose whether it be in your office, warehouse, school , college , lounge at home wherever the mood takes you and post your photos on Facebook, tag me on Twitter @Annakennedy1 #autismdanceday The last few years have been soooo much fun raising awareness across the UK  and overseas .Come on everyone join in . Last year some of the autism groups created sponsored dance events and got their groove on to raise money for their local autism charity or our very own AnnaKennedyonline . To donate to AnnaKennedyonline Text Number 70070 Giving AKOL01 followed by £2/ £5 / £10 Donate Direct Barclays Sort Code 20 56 78 Account Number 83091856 Thank you and lets all have some Fun Fun Fun... read more

Tower Project (First Start) – London Symphony Orchestra Project – Music & Autism

The Tower Project has worked in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra in delivering workshops where by musicians from the orchestra visited the Tower Project’s First Start service building situated at the Isle of Dogs, East London. The Tower Project decided to highlight this in a visual way by creating a short film highlighting this project as their offering to Word Autism Awareness Week (2nd April – 8th... read more

April is Autism Awareness Month.

Today is the start of Autism Awareness Month kicking off with World Autism Awareness Day April 2 which has been trending on Twitter. During the month of April my Team and I will be busy raising awareness for autism and preparing for Autism’s Got Talent in May. The aim of this month is educate the public about autism. Autism is a developmental disability, characterised by difficulties in the way a person communicates and interacts with other people. Autism can be be present from birth or during early childhood (typically within the first three years). Autism is a lifelong developmental disability with no single known cause. National Autism Awareness Month aims to make the public more aware about this widespread condition and the issues which arise within the autism community. At present 1 in 64 people in the UK have autism, the chances are that you know someone with an autism spectrum condition. A better informed public will be more empathetic and supportive towards people with autism therefore creating greater awareness and Acceptance. I will be posting daily on Social Media , Facebook pages Anna Kennedy or AnnaKennedyonline andTwitter @Annakennedy1 any updates within the Autism Community and the work of our charity. My Team and my sons Patrick and Angelo Thank you for your support. Anna Kennedy... read more

“It was like an explosion going off in my head”

The A Word is a BBC1 family drama with a difference. Set in the idyllic Lake District, the six-part series follows the extended Hughes clan, as they discover their youngest, smart and musical 5-year-old Joe, is autistic. It’s a subject matter that is sure to strike a chord with thousands of British families. But is it authentic? Read the full story... read more

Inspiring Women Inspiring Change

A new video released by leading autism charity Anna Kennedy Online in conjunction with International Women’s Day, is showcasing the lives of five mums living with autism. Adeptly titled ‘Inspiring Women, Inspiring Change’, the video showcases exclusive interviews, that are honest, emotional and inspiring, with each woman discusses their experiences. The video celebrates women who have daily family struggles and focus on them as individuals and what they have achieved. * The mums involved in the video are: Anna Kennedy, Founder of the charity Samantha Tomlin, Founder of Classic Models Dawn Avery, Financial Director to 6 companies Joanne Wiggins, Single mum of two and Active Charity Champion Mala Thapar, Active charity champion and Event Organiser  * “We wanted to create a video that focuses on these professional achievements, and show how autism and their children have changed and inspired their lives. These women inspire me everyday, and I wanted to transfer this inspiration to other people.” – Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online discusses why she created the video. The content in the video, which was filmed at the Amba Hotel, London, offers fresh and new content. This includes a world exclusive from music artist Tiger Lilly, who wrote the song ‘Woman’ specifically for the video and charity. “I have so much respect and admiration for the ‘Anna Kennedy Online charity’ so it was an honour to write a song for this very special video which encompasses the essence of womanhood and their strength throughout our history.” – Tiger Lilly discussing working with the charity. To celebrate International Women’s Day and the success of this video, on 11th March, Hardrock... read more

Anna Kennedy Online Social Action

Jade Clark a student from Sharnbrook Upper School and Sixth Form had to create a Social Action project for her Media course on a charity that she supports . We are proud to say Jade chose AnnaKennedyonline. This is because she attended one of our charity events with her father Richard which was our very first Charity Football Match organised by our Charity Champion Nicki Rodriguez . Jade wanted to create a short video to help our charity raise funds to enable us to continue supporting families and to raise more awareness. Thank you Jade.... read more

2016 Autisms got Talent performers announced!!!

Congratulations to all the 2016 Autism’s Got Talent performers !!! As ever, it’s been such a difficult job selecting the final acts for May 7 to perform at Mermaid Theatre London. Doors open at 6.00 pm We love to showcase a huge variety of performers that are out there and this year is no exception.  We have singers, dancers, drummers,violinist, magician ,harpist to name a few.  In previous years we have had a stand-up performer, young author, acclaimed ballet dancer, opera singers. This year the talent entries were totally mind blowing and we have included acts from overseas Sweden, Croatia, US , Canada and across the UK.  We are pleased to announce that Robin Windsor , Jake Wood will be returning to present some of our performers. Tickets now available please email lisa.robins@thevines.org.uk for a ticket form or contact the office 01895 619736. Book Early to avoid... read more
AKO at HOCAnna Kennedy OBE UK Autism Ambassador, Austin Hughes Senior Behavioural Support and Training Officer, Sean Kennedy Legal Adviser and parent Jen Leavesley took to the podium in the renowned ‘Churchill Room’ to speak about autism and the 3Ds. Diagnosis, Discrimination and Disability. The average time for autism diagnosis is five years, a sad fact but unnervingly true. This length of time can lead to various complications linked to discrimination and delayed development and exposure to the correct resources and support. Read the full story here.

Think of goHenry as an online family bank account.  The solution combines a goHenry Cash card with parental controls and web and mobile apps that focus on earning, saving Spending responsibly.  It’s been designed specifically for children and their parents. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s visual, it’s safe and it’s empowering. Read the full article here

Congratulations to all your 2015 performers!

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WInners AGT 2015