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World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2017.  

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Thank you for making the Autism Hero Awards a HUGE success.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Click below to see the winners of the Autism Hero Awards 2016

Jade Clark, a student from Sharnbrook Upper School and Sixth Form, had to create a Social Action project for her Media course on a charity that she supports. We are proud to say Jade chose AnnaKennedyonline. She had attended one of our charity events with her father Richard which was our very first Charity Football Match organised by our Charity Champion Nicki Rodriguez. Jade wanted to create a short video to help our charity raise funds to enable us to continue supporting families and to raise more awareness. Thank you, Jade.

Bullying affects so many children and adults and the results can be damaging for them and everyone around them. If you’re suffering, speak up – (you’ll be surprised how much people will want to help), and if you see it, stand up to it. Please share, even if this makes a difference to one person.

#AntiBullyingWeek #Tomorrow

Austin Hughes and I with Joe Lyons Chair of West Ham Community Foundation at House of Commons at 25th Anniversary . Our charity has been asked to do a lot of ‘hands on ‘ work with some great children who have all too often been sidelined within school and the community.

Anna does it again!

Congratulations to Anna for such putting across our message and making us proud!

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Album Launch…..Don’t miss out!

Come and join us for a special album launch event for Anna Kennedy Online at The Hard Rock Cafe, London! Doors open from 6.30pm with live music starting from 7.30pm. Back in 2015, Anna Kennedy OBE approached Aaron Yorke a Singer Songwriter from Birmingham UK with the...

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Special Offer, this week only!!

We are so proud to be part of UK Charity Week.  To celebrate we have reduced the price of our calendar to just £5 for one week only. Click on the link below or contact Lisa at   Buy...

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The increasing role of school governors

Highlights Governing body consists of six to eight qualified individuals Greater workload and higher expectations of governors 20% of governors quit before their term is completed Issues of recruitment and regulation have seen the role of school governor change, but...

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A family of AKO Champions!

Keith & Dawn Avery We met Anna and the team in 2015 when Aston our son was lucky enough to have been selected as one of the Autisms Got talent acts. Parents of two boys, one of whom is the Ambassador of the charity and on the spectrum along with other medical...

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Since starting our Anti Bullying Campaign on 31 Oct and continuing for the whole month of November the response so far has been Amazing! Support and videos from Amir Khan World Champion Boxer, UB40, Mark E Wright Apprentice Winner, Sandi from Gogglebox, Kimberley...

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Halloween and Autism

Trick or treating can be a daunting prospect for children with autism. A few tips for a happy Halloween.   For some children with autism, Halloween can be stressful and demanding. Both my sons Patrick and Angelo have always loved Halloween. Every year we design a...

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Dance Make Your Move!

We are so proud to announce that our charity, AnnaKennedyonline and British Red Cross Events are working together for the ‘Make your Move‘ Dance Competition. Winners of the Heat on April 2 will compete in the final at O2 Whoop! Click here to find out how....

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Wear it for Autism Calender is here!

Anna Kennedy Online, UK Autism Charity has unveiled their (first ever) 2017 calendar, ‘Wear it For Autism’. Photographed at the Millennium Hotel, Knightsbridge, by top photographer Fiona Whyte, the calendar celebrates 10 mum’s, all who have a child on the autism...

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AKO at HOCAnna Kennedy OBE UK Autism Ambassador, Austin Hughes Senior Behavioural Support and Training Officer, Sean Kennedy Legal Adviser and parent Jen Leavesley took to the podium in the renowned ‘Churchill Room’ to speak about autism and the 3Ds. Diagnosis, Discrimination and Disability. The average time for autism diagnosis is five years, a sad fact but unnervingly true. This length of time can lead to various complications linked to discrimination and delayed development and exposure to the correct resources and support. Read the full story here.

Think of goHenry as an online family bank account.  The solution combines a goHenry Cash card with parental controls and web and mobile apps that focus on earning, saving Spending responsibly.  It’s been designed specifically for children and their parents. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s visual, it’s safe and it’s empowering. Read the full article here

Congratulations to all your 2015 performers!

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