Austin Hughes

Senior Practitioner

School Holidays are here!

Annakennedyonline is dedicated to promoting the inclusion and equality of children and adults with autism throughout society. The charity promotes its mission of disability equality by developing and sponsoring training, by raising awareness of the challenges faced by people with autism and also by its advocacy efforts with and on behalf of people with autism spectrum conditions Anna Kennedy online . For Help and advice please use contact page on or the Helpline number 07710 597457 .The service will be manned by Austin Hughes our Training and Advice Officer between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Take Five!

‘Pressure’ can sometimes be a good thing. It can motivate people to do better within their role in life, but, all too often ‘pressure’ can have a very negative effect on each and every one of us.

Anna Kennedy online is pleased to announce a new helpline number 07710 597457