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Inside the UK Autism Hero awards

Yesterday at Radisson Blu 6 judges deliberated over all the entries for 12 categories for the second UK Autism Hero Awards. The judges were Kacey Ainsworth , Vicky Grammatikopoulou , Jo Redman, Eve Ferret , Georgina Oliphant-Hope and Roger Colvin. The UK Autism Hero...

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Time out

I am looking forward to having 2 weeks off at the end of August although will it really be time off since its Angelo’s Summer hols from College. As a parent of 2 young men we all have days when the pressure of the week can get too much. We are all trying our...

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Staff Training and Reasonable Adjustments

Any business needs to approach the issue of disability from the perspective of both their staff and their customers. For a company to be fully inclusive, the importance of both groups need to given equal weight. But for inclusion to work, it is important to stress...

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