‘Money Money Money’, The hole in the wall and the infamous money tree!

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We have all experienced and heard the words ‘I want……’

Once upon a time, when sweets were still only half a penny, we all wanted things. Clothes, sweets, new games for our ZX Spectrum or that elusive football sticker were among the many things that we WANTED…..we MUST have. As children WANT often outstripped NEED or even the actual POSSIBILITY. Mum would say ‘but we can’t afford that now’ and the traditional stair thumping sulk would set in. We didn’t understand how these things couldn’t be afforded when we saw shopping still happening, money being pulled from wallets and that magic machine that just gave money out in town when you pressed the right buttons. Surely there was a money tree out there somewhere even though everyone said there wasn’t?

Eventually we did learn and understand that somewhere out of sight there was a lot going on that controlled the money we could have and access. The realisation was that once the money in your piggy bank had gone…….it really had GONE.

This is a lesson in life that ALL children go through and learn. Right now many of us who were that ‘I want’ child are now looking down into the eyes of our very own ‘I want’ child and they will learn just as we did.

However, for some children such as those on the Autistic Spectrum there can be some difficulties. That hole in the wall machine REALLY does just give out money and Dad’s pockets REALLY are bottomless. That ‘acceptance’ of things that can’t be seen is just not that easy. Even opening a ‘child’s account’ can still leave those on the spectrum looking at a list of numbers and not fully understanding the mechanics of what has happened……’I want the machine to give me MORE money!!’ (Incidentally my child account pass book had a large Mickey Mouse on the front!)

Explaining and trying to help that child understand that their money has gone can be tiring and frustrating…….but hang on. How about if it was all done in a way that DID show the actual mechanics of things going in and out of an account using visuals? Something CLEAR and EASY to understand that not only aids in saving through the use of targets but also enables the parents to oversee from a distance while letting the child feel fully in control of their money. They can see exactly what comes in, what goes out and how they are doing in regards to saving for things. For many of those on the Spectrum this would be great as it is clear, precise and literal.

Well, guess what…..we only went and found a great company called ‘goHenry’ who do JUST that!

Think of goHenry as an online family bank account. The solution combines a goHenry cash card with parental controls and web and mobile apps that focus on earning, saving and spending responsibly. It’s been designed specifically for children and their parents. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s visual, it’s safe and it’s empowering.

We’ve partnered with goHenry as we believe it is a great solution for young people with Autism and Asperger’s to gain confidence and independence with managing their money under the guidance of their parents. For parents it helps to make your life a little easier by giving you the ability to easily manage all your children’s pocket money/allowances automatically, all in one place.

As you all know it is important to us at AKO that we find tools and aids that can genuinely make a difference to those we care so much about. We have spent a great deal of time working with goHenry to ensure their product really can help including having trials run by families. This was done with no input from us or goHenry so we got a true and honest account of what they experienced. Safe to say they LOVED it!

What is also wonderful about this service is that it is GREAT tool for all children so no child with a disability has to feel this is something ‘special’ just for them as their siblings will benefit from it as well. Why not share this with your friends so they can sign up using the same promotion for their own children and it still helps the charity :O)

You can learn more by visiting http://www.gohenry.co.uk/ako

Visit goHenry as they’re providing AKO families with a great offer: sign-up and get 4 months free plus goHenry will donate £10 to AKO on behalf of your family. Simply use the Promo Code ‘AKGH14’ to benefit from this great offer.

Happy learning, earning, saving and spending! – Anna Kennedy Online

(Before you ask, as we know some will, we have mentioned to goHenry extending this service for adults. At this time financial regulations restrict the service to the current ages. goHenry will be looking in the future to have this changed so the service can be extended)

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