One piece of legislation AnnaKennedyonline regularly uses is The Freedom of Information Act and the charity encourages sensible use of the statute.
The Charity is concerned is concerned that the rights contained in the statute will be trimmed. The Campaign for Freedom of information currently is campaigning to prevent this and details of how to contribute to this can be found here:
But what if one wants make a request for information using the statute? This couldn’t be easier if one uses that site WhatDoTheyKnow
This is a website which is effectively a one stop shop for making, what longstanding users call, FOIA (pronounced foyer) requests.
Furthermore, any users visiting the site can browse the results of nearly 200,000 requests using the site. For example the following is an example of a request made to Nottinghamshire County regarding SEN Direct Payments:
Sean Kennedy
Legal Adviser
10th January, 2016