Yes, it’s me the Jack Dee of the Autism world!….grumble grumble……moan moan.

The New Year is staring us in the face and we are on our way. Now is the time that everyone traditionally shouts out about everything they have done. I know we have certainly done a lot once again this year from ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ to ‘Wear it for Autism’ right through to speaking several times in Westminster. Alongside those events we have also linked with some wonderful groups and people such as the ASD Ashford Support Group and the Everest Autism Club.

The thing is though, I don’t want to shout out about those things. You have all seen and heard about them. We have been there and done that. They are all just one of the many different vehicles we use to get us further along the road to awareness.

I want to take a quick moment before 2014 is fully upon us to shout out about those REALLY important things.

A lovely mum who sat and enjoyed ‘Wear it for Autism’ has taken full advantage of our advice and support service.

A parent sat at home saw a poster for our festive fundraiser, contacted us and is now receiving advice and advocacy.

Among the many people who enjoyed ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ a number have come to us for legal and behavioural advice.

Professionals who have been present when Anna and I have spoken at our own events or conferences for others have contacted us wanting to know more. They have recognised that maybe they have a too generic outlook on Autism and now want to understand the full scope of the Spectrum.

Families have been supported and advised within and around tribunals.

Diagnoses and Statements have been fought for and gained for numerous families across the Country.

Enlightenment and understanding has been spread as people access our training services which aren’t there to ‘Bark’ at people but rather just engage their thinking.

We LOVE all our events at AKO and they are often more hard work behind the scenes than people realise. Importantly though is the fact that behind it all is our constant striving to forge that pathway to awareness for all to follow.

All those people we have helped and those we have maybe taught something who are now passing that same gift of awareness on to others are the REAL things we celebrate from 2013.

Thanks to you all for following and supporting us as ever. Lets continue along that road right into 2014! Take care and please all look out for each other.

Austin  Hughes