Anna Kennedy online team in collaboration with Nuffield Health Club in Croydon

Anna Kennedy online team in collaboration with Nuffield Health Club in Croydon

11130106_10152697606865836_6213480276190815984_n (1)Anna Kennedy OBE, and charity Anna Kennedy online  team in collaboration with Nuffield Health Club in Croydon danced a zumbathon on Saturday 25th April to continue to promote Autism Awareness .

 To make this day even more memorable and to kick start Autism Awareness month with a difference, both Charities worked together to continue raising Awareness by Anna Kennedy OBE kick-starting the zumbathon with a talk about how Anna Kennedy Online help so many individuals with Autism that are bullied and turn to the performing arts to increase self-confidence. Anna also started the zumbathon by heading the first part which was an extra treat for all the participants – one of whom travelled from Bognor Regis to attend. Anna recently appeared on the People’s Strictly and has used this opportunity to continue to raise awareness across the UK by visiting schools, colleges and workplaces as well as support groups that approach her as well as families that try and fight so hard for their children’s access to the right education and provision.

 Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online says, “When we hear about autism related subjects on the news, it is always doom and gloom. The zumbathon is one of many ways that Anna Kennedy Online uses to celebrate autism and showcase the capabilities and confidence that these remarkable individuals possess. April is Autism Awareness Month, so the zumbathon, along with Autism Dance Day that was on Friday 24th April generated 3.86 million retweets on Twitter that raised so much awareness and was promoted by celebrities such as Jake Wood, Arlene Philips and the famous legends UB40.

 “There are so many talented people out there who are on the autistic spectrum, and both the Flash Mob and Autism’s Got Talent have provided a platform to not only showcase this talent, but to give the performers confidence and feel included in fun and unique activities. They also benefit greatly from the social aspects.” Anna continues. 

 Anna recently visited Norbury Manor Primary School and Croydon Radio to continue awareness not just for April, but all year round every year.

Mala Thapar
Charity Champion

Inspirational Mother and Sons Award.

Inspirational Mother and Sons Award.

On Saturday Patrick ,Angelo and Anna Kennedy won the ‘Inspirational Mother and Sons Award’ which was an event held at the May Fair Hotel. Anna dedicated the award to families affected by autism since April is Autism Awareness Month.

Gloria Hunniford hosted the event and Melissa Porter was the presenter which was in association with charity ‘The Caron Keating Foundation’ sponsored by Daily Express
Guests and nominees were treated to Champagne & Afternoon Tea with a few performances and of course the awards ceremony itself where Inspirational Mothers, Grand Mothers, Daughters and Sons were presented with awards.
Anna Kennedy OBE has announced the Autism’s Got Talent line up for 2015

Anna Kennedy OBE has announced the Autism’s Got Talent line up for 2015

The popular show returns to The Mermaid Theatre on May 9. The show was created in 2012 by Anna Kennedy OBE, her UK autism charity Anna Kennedy Online, and is supported once again by Pineapple Performing Arts School.

Autism’s Got Talent showcases the diverse and superb talents of people on the autistic spectrum.

Anna Kennedy tells of what Autism’s Got Talent is all about:

“It is all too often said that people with disabilities aren’t capable of very much, and they are unable to rise about the challenges that they are faced. Autism’s Got Talent is a platform for talented individuals with autism to wow the audience and show off their skills and talents. We not only have soloists, but people also perform in groups, which is something many people are quick to judge as impossible for those on the spectrum. Not only are these talented, amazing individuals proving their critics wrong, they are also having fun and achieving so much!”

The show includes talent from people of all ages, including actors, singers, musicians and dancers. Many acts will include those who sat in the audience last year and have been inspired to perform themselves.

Various organisations across the UK are supporting Autism’s Got Talent. Anna Kennedy herself, will even be treating the audience to her Peoples Strictly Charleston with Robin Windsor that scored 4 perfect 10 s!

Celebrity hosts Jake Wood, Mitch Winehouse , Nicola Duffet , Emma Noble – Parker , Steven Smith and many more will also be part of the line up.

Acts will be travelling from all over the UK, which not only proves how popular Autism’s Got Talent is becoming, but how important a platform such as this one is to those on the spectrum.

Anna Kennedy says:

“It is extremely important that people with autism have an outlet. Autism’s Got Talent is a safe and secure environment where those who want to, can express and perform without fear of being judged or criticised. Autism’s Got Talent is one of a kind, and is extremely poignant to those with autism and their families. Those involved can have fun, do what they love, make friends and be themselves, and have one night which is all about them.”

Autism’s Got Talent 2014 was a great success and Anna Kennedy hopes to build upon its success and make this show this year even more spectacular.

2014 was a great success, and we aim to continue to build Autism’s Got Talent year by year. As well as London, we also have the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow, which travels to different cities and theatre’s throughout the country. This provides those and their families who are unable to make it to London with the opportunity to perform and get involved. We really are including the entire autistic community. We are currently working on a roadshow for the North East”

Congratulations to all our performers  for 2015




Tickets are available from or call 01895 619736

Sponsors for Autism’s got Talent are Living Autism, Achieve Magazine, Hillcrest Autism Services, Lorena Oberg