BBC Breakfast SEND

BBC Breakfast SEND

All week BBC Breakfast have been highlighting difficulties families are facing with Special Needs Education and today they launched new findings report from the All Parliamentary Group on Autism.

All the facts in the report  and what has been highlighted on BBC Breakfast about SEND is nothing new for me and many other families.

Parents have been struggling across the country and battling the SEN system since my sons were diagnosed with autism in 1994 hence why we had  to set up our own school in 1999 now one of the largest schools for children in the UK..

The BBC highlighting difficulties with #SEND parents is great and sparking conversation across the country however these children need action because early intervention is crucial !

It is a postcode lottery of where you live and how hard you are prepared to battle learning the system ,navigate your way through beaurocracy and jumping over every hurdle!!

I speak to parents all the time and they are getting into debt paying thousands for SEND reports .

I highlighted this very issue on BBC Breakfast a couple years ago in this interview and nothing really has changed. Our charity speak to parents everyday at all hours of the day who are really struggling and cannot see light at the end of the SEND tunnel .

Please watch this video when I was on invited onto the famous BBC couch alongside Steve Silberman, the author of the groundbreaking book Neuotribes.  I said ‘All we are asking for is acceptance for all those affected by Autism, give them a chance and you’ll see how much they can contribute to society’ was my message. We couldn’t ask for a better platform to get our message across:


‘L.A. should not blow their budget on using expensive solicitors to fight against parents #BBCsend #Autism #inclusion – that would be a great start. The pressure on parents is phenomenal unfair and unacceptable’ A quote on twitter from Mala Thapar one of my charity champions who had a difficult process through the SEND system with her son.

Leading autism ambassador set to switch on the christmas lights in Beckenham

Leading autism ambassador set to switch on the christmas lights in Beckenham

A leading UK Ambassador and Campaigner raising awareness for families of children and adults diagnosed with autism will be switching on the Christmas Lights on December 2 in Beckenham.

Anna Kennedy has received an OBE for setting up schools for children with autism. She has appeared on BBC’s Comic Relief dancing on the very first Peoples Strictly performing the Charleston with Robin Windsor at the Elstree Studio in front of 4 million people on BBC1.

Anna has also appeared as a guest on a special Great British Menu with Chef Adam Reid for and won Dr Hilarys Heath Hero on GMTV amongst many other accolades.

Father Christmas will be in Beckinham helped by his little elves who’ll be handing out Christmas gifts along the route from Croydon Road Recreational Park, through Beckenham High Street with lots of singing and fun along the way.

Anna says she is honoured and excited to be switching on the christmas lights.

A few of the pupils will be attending with their families who live in Beckenham and attend a school for autistic children that Anna is a co founder.



Callum Kirrage – Chrissy B show

Callum Kirrage – Chrissy B show

Callum is 10 years old and he was born in Russia and was adopted and came home to his family at the age of 1, he has Autism, ADHD and anxiety disorder. Life can be tough and he struggles with dealing with emotions and social interaction. Callum finds school difficult but he has a love of street and break dance.

When Callum is dancing he is a totally different child and is very happy and feels relaxed. Callum performed at Autism’s Got talent in 2015 and not only was it amazing for him, but the audience were mesmerised by his exceptional talent. Callum was awarded a scholarship at Pineapple and this was life changing for him, giving him confidence and friendship and a place where he is not judges and can be himself. His dream is now becoming a dancer has given him inspiration and a goal to work towards.

Callum, Maggie and I will be on the Chrissy B show where Callum will showcase his street-dance talent and Maggie Patterson will be talking about Autism’s Got Talent and our eight scholarship winners. Please tune in on Monday 4th December on Sky 203 at 10pm to watch us on the Chrissy B show and follow this remarkable life story.

Anna Kennedy OBE

Autism Help-sheets

Autism Help-sheets

Anna Kennedy (OBE) is Options Autism Ambassador – and would like to share this information with you.

The Options Clinical Team have created a series of help sheets offering advice and guidance for parents and carers who look after children, young people and adults with autism.  Read more by clicking the links below and please feel free to forward this information to anyone who you feel will benefit from it. If you would like us to cover any particular subjects around autism in future editions then please let us know by emailing 

Ticket giveaway – Aladdin on 19th December at 5.30pm

Ticket giveaway – Aladdin on 19th December at 5.30pm

Great meeting with our Charity champions Dawn Avery and Keith Avery, Anna Kennedy Online are planning lots within Essex for 2018. We are so happy to be working with Towngate Theatre for their first relaxed performance of Aladdin on 19th December at 5.30pm.

We have twenty family tickets for children and adults on the spectrum to give away. Please contact Lisa on – the closing date is Friday 15th December and its a first come first serve, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!