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Charity fun day in collaboration with Watford Football Club

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We are very excited to announce our fun day in collaboration with Watford Football Club on Friday 1st November !!!

This will be a great opportunity for autistic children and their siblings to come and see the club away from all the usual crowds.

We will have a free 30 minute tour of the stadium, and full use of the Sensory Room.

We will also have the Autism Reality Experience Bus outside for the duration which is a virtual experience of living with Autism.

Refreshments also provided on the day.

Jo Wiggins and Anna have been working with Dave Messenger, the disability access officer, for some time now and we look forward to hosting this wonderful event that has been provided for by Anna Kennedy Online and Watford Football Club.

Please email Jo Wiggins at jo.wiggins@annakennedyonline.com for bookings.

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