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Nobody likes to talk about the possibility of going into short or long term care, but for so many families across the UK this is a reality now.  We have all heard from some families saying that after a loved ones diagnosis of an illness, condition or disease they feel that they are left on their own and don’t know where to turn, Preparing4Care helps with this.

The 100% free service for everyone living in the UK is about to change lives for people in need of future care, families and care providers alike.  So many staff have told us that they wish they could have spoken to the people in their care 5 years ago, when they had the opportunity and capacity to answer simple questions about themselves.  Preparing4Care bridges this 5 year gap and ensures that peoples voices are heard even when they lack capacity.

Preparing4Care is a encyclopaedia or reference guide on the person with in-depth answers to questions that will improve their care.  No longer will care providers have to take the chance that the answers given to questions about their loved ones at an emotionally challenging time are accurate and fit for purpose because you will have the answers to your questions from the person your actually supporting.

Once the person is ready and before they go into the care system, they access the Preparing4Care web site at: http://www.preparing4care.co.uk.  Once registered they assign a family or trusted person to be the authority on their information.  From here they then complete over 200 questions about themselves, things such as what they like to eat, the jobs they had, religion, sports they enjoyed and so on and all of this information is all stored in a protected server for future use.

When the person is eventually in need of care whether this is supported living, home care, a care home, nursing home or hospital the care provider can be given access to this information 100% free of charge and start to tailor the care package around what the person actually wanted.  This means that if someone reduces food intake, we could access and find out what foods they actually like, at what time, how they liked to eat and so on.  Maybe the care provider might need to know about sports they enjoy, who they support, how they like to access it.  

It really is this simple and the great thing is that if their preferences change then you can update as they go through their journey.  You can’t change their answers but you can add to them meaning that their original voice is always heard.

Preparing4Care will also become a info-hub for families with useful articles that can go on the information pages, product listings for links to products that will support their needs, care home database and so much more.

Please remember that this whole package is 100% FREE and does not include any financial or medical information.  We just need you to know its available and tell everyone possible about this amazing 100% FREE service.  Why not champion this in your area and be recognised in your area by people that one day may need your service.

Preparing4Care even helps  you with the new NICE (national Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines. https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/qs184/chapter/Quality-statement-3-Advance-care-planning

Now some will say that ‘it sounds too good to be true’ but it is exactly as I have put it in this e mail.  This service will bridge the gap between the person, the family and the care provider.  I know that some will say we already ask questions but this is about early intervention and being able to know that the questions asked are answered by the person you actually want to know about.  Some will ask if it’s better than the ‘this is me’ project? and yes put simply it is because its a lot more in depth and a lot more accessible.

Why not sign up yourself today, try it and then tell everyone you can about it because we have a chance to change lives but can only do this together. 

Training 2 CARE, Experience Training, Autism Reality Experience and The Virtual Dementia Tour are proud to part fund Preparing4Care


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