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​At Autism Anglia, we’re excited to launch our new Autism Passport.

The Passport has been produced for individuals with autism and can be used in a variety of situations, e.g. court settings, police stations, Job Centres, doctors’ surgeries, religious settings, councils and for employment purposes.

The Passport is based on the principle of ‘saying it only once’, to help others understand and make suitable adjustments.

The Passport has been written by Annie Sands (author and Autism Anglia’s Welfare Rights Adviser) in response to her experiences when representing many individuals over the years at appeals and tribunals.

Annie combined feedback from the autistic community about what they have found stressful, coupled with the types of reasonable adjustments that can be made and to ensure autistic people are not at a disadvantage.

The Passport has been kindly sponsored by Anna Kennedy, who is a Champion for Autism Anglia. Anna says, “after seeing the passport created by Autism Anglia, I was pleased to see that this passport will be launched very soon.

Many of our young people and autistic adults in these overwhelming situations would find these passports essential and would be of great support. Reasonable adjustments are key for autistic individuals and can make all the difference. I am proud to champion Autism Anglia and this initiative.”

The Passport comes in either pocket-sized A6 or larger A5, depending on your preference.

You can collect a passport for free at our head office or at our events but is also available from our online shop (you only pay the P&P).



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