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On Saturday 9th November Anna Kennedy Online celebrated its 4th Autism Hero Awards event that took place at the outstanding Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London.

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What is the Autism Hero Awards?

The Autism Hero Awards was handed over to Anna Kennedy OBE by its founder Jo Kirton Salmon three years ago where Anna presented the awards for Wales. Jo wanted to hand over the awards to Anna, so she could expand the event and share the event across the UK.

Anna and her team from Anna Kennedy Online wanted to create an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the excellence taking place in the world of Autism. This is a unique way to celebrate and showcase accomplishments as well as enhancing Autism awareness and acceptance.

Anna Kennedy OBE shared “Every year, we seek to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals, teams and organisations who have proved excellence, dedication and commitments to impacting lives that have been making a real difference in the world of autism.” This honourable occasion was a unique opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals, teams and organisations who have proved excellence, dedication and commitments to impacting lives that have been making a real difference.

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Winners were chosen by a panel of distinguished judges who were Dr Chris Papadopoulos, Kacey Ainsworth, Glen Knight, Jo Luck, Chris Bonnello, Frank Khalid and Marianna Dean​.Amongst the room full of heroes, there were celebrities present which included Kacey Ainsworth, Dr Pam Spurr and Danielle Mason.

The winners were all presented with their awards by sponsors, celebrities and judges.

The judges shared their experiences on how tough it was to make their choices as they read such compelling concise biographies of the individuals whom were nominated that not only impacted people’s lives and making positive changes selflessly.

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Dr Anna Kennedy OBE said: “The Autism Hero Awards recognise the extraordinary achievements of people that show dedication, commitment and courage of all the nominees and winners is inspirational. The awards are a great way to celebrate these accomplishments and unforgotten heroes and what life changing impacts are made on people’s lives”.

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On the night

The evening celebrations commenced with a red-carpet welcome drink on arrival, a delicious three-course meal, followed by special announcements, the announcements of the winners which were followed by a DJ, entertainment to celebrate every finalist.

Pineapple Performing Arts opened the evening with an outstanding dance routine, there were two amazing singers Daniel Docherty our charity ambassador and Liam Burgess who are performers at Autism’s Got Talent star and once again received a standing ovation.

The evening was a huge success with emotions and gratitude hearing the obstacles and successes of each finalist through sheer determination and dedication.

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The winners

The evening was a huge success with emotions and gratitude hearing the obstacles and successes of each finalist through sheer determination and dedication.

The audience felt humbled and honoured to share such an amazing evening and realisation that nothing is impossible, and the audience were overwhelmed to experience very emotional life experiences.

All the finalists were sensational people in society and the Autism world who will continue to rock the world. The winners of the Autism Hero Winners 2019 are:

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More details on each winner to follow soon!

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I am now The people’s autism hero.

I honestly can’t believe it, i am like totally blown away has been the hardest and most emotional weekend ever. Thank you so so much Suzanne Mccue for coming to support me as i totally broke down on the stage speech as i was taken away i would have never dreamed i would min the main award of the evening. Even thinking about i am still crying now as i right this post as it means the world to me and i never thought i would be where i am today’s. Autism is awesome and i love it.

Cant believe i won the award ( The people’s autism hero award. ) and also finalist as a entrepreneurial. Was the only person in two awards.

Thank you so so much to the @autism hero Awards and Annakennedyonline for giving me this award. But also a massive thank you to all of you guys as i received the 100s of nominations without even knowing. Without you guys I couldn’t keep going and am super grateful as i told my self no one will care about you and you will not ever win. I do this to my self so i project my self and feelings but even tho i speak to people every day, this was the most emotional heart breaking evening of my life.

The train down i lost my suit and didn’t remember till we where in London, we had to then go buy a new one as didn’t know what Elsa to do. Then got soaked and then finally got to the hotel. After a little down time we went to the awards and i was totally blown away I won the award. For a long time I always felt i am a no one but last night showed i mean something to some people.

Last night was the first time for that moment I didn’t feel worthless i felt like i was finally ok to be me. This award as given me more than you can ever give someone. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart you are all Awesometistic and i promise i will not stop helping and voicing as long as i have you guys i will always do my best

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I wanted to attend the Autism Hero Awards, and I am so glad I did. The awards celebrated siblings, parents and guardians, businesses, teachers, and autistic individuals. I sat in a room filled with people that fight for autistic people. I heard stories of those with the greatest of empathy for the affect autism has.

To hear of siblings, like my brother, who stand by their siblings as they fight through life. The awards are run by Anna Kennedy who has championed autism for many years as her two sons are autistic.

The charity, Anna Kennedy Online, does incredible things for those who are autistic and their families, raising awareness and supporting us.

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Had such an incredible night last night with such amazing people at the “Autism Hero Awards” catching up with such wonderful people who I’ve missed so much.

Thank you so much to the amazing Anna Kennedy and the rest of the AKO Team for putting all this together. Plus well done to the outstanding Daniel Docherty for performing last night you were amazing as always mate can’t wait to catch up again with you and everyone soon

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With all these continuous and very exciting developments of the charity, it is fundamental in raising Autism awareness with remarkable advocates on board as the positive way to reach out to the wider audiences and empower them with knowledge and strength.

All proceeds for the evening were donated to the Anna Kennedy Online Charity to continue its dynamic work in raising Autism awareness within society.


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