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Watch the video – Anna Kennedy talks to Bryan Chandler about All things Autism and life in Lockdown

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On Sunday 8th November at 7:30pm Anna Kennedy interviewed Bryan Chandler on ‘All things Autism and life Lockdown’ 

About Bryan Chandler

I’m Bryan Chandler, Asperger’s advocate, support worker for adults with learning disabilities and mental health, carer for my Mum with Dementia, and adult on the spectrum. I run a support community on Facebook which consists of a page and also a group which reaches thousands of people every single day.

The idea of the community is to be there for other people within the community, that could be parents, carers, other people on the spectrum, showing them that they are not alone, that there are other people that are going through similar experiences. My admins and I raise awareness of the positives of Asperger’s/Autism as well as dealing with the personal hardships that being on the spectrum brings. 

Please watch the interview below

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