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Anna’s guest this week on ‘All things Autism’ at Women’s Radio was Lois Diamond ​from Looking beyond the Labels UK

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Anna Kennedy’s guest this week on Women’s Radio Station was Lois Diamond.
‘All things Autism” will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day this week.  Please see www.womensradiostation.com

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Wow I am beyond excited to be writing this! I have been a listener to All things Autism for a little while now and it has been a fantastic source of support for me and my family so it’s a real privilege to of been invited on to the show as Anna’s guest.

I wish to thank Anna and her Team for continually inspiring me to help others, and for allowing me to feel included despite of my ADHD diagnosis. When I have been in in need of help and support myself, I have found the show and the guest speakers really supportive and informative so I really hope our Interview was helpful to others in the same way it has been to me.

Lois Diamond – About Me

I am a Mother of 2 lovely boys and that will always be the most important thing in my life. I am based in Exeter in Devon which is in the South West of England. I have been personally impacted by my own Mental Health and over the years I have had many a struggle.

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I am of a woman of unwavering determination and with a great support network I have been able to bounce back from a very serious Nervous Breakdown and now I want to help others by sharing my experience. I am a very ambitious and outspoken individual and I really care about my community.

I also have ADHD and I share that with pride. I am passionate about challenging the negative labels that people have to Mental Health and in all matters. I love the change that is happening now with so much more awareness and inclusivity for people like you and me that live with our disorders.

I know how frustrated we can feel sometimes, we don’t need negative judgement too. I celebrate my ADHD its part of what me different and unique. I would not change my ADHD even if I could.

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What do I do and why?

In January 2021 I decided I was going to speak out about the challenges I faced as I adjusted to life with my Mental Health diagnoses. Lockdown bought a lot of disruption and adjustments to me and my family and it has been a journey that I have had lots of low points on.

Things got so bad for me that I became very suicidal. I would advise anyone feeling low to reach out please, there are lots of people who can help you and even though it does not always feel like it, with determination and drawing on our own inner strength you can work through these difficult times and move on to brighter days. I have felt utter despair at life, now I see so much hope.

I have a number of areas of interest where I wish to use my time and influence to create positive change. Everyone has a powerful voice, I have found mine finally. I care about:

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I work as a Private Investigator which essentially means I like to research a lot in my spare time. My work is Ethical and confidential. I am in the process of writing 2 books (because when you have ADHD one complicated task is not enough) and I have set up The Parents Review Team which is a group of Parents that are monitoring and watching very closely current Government Investigations in to Children’s Services.

I also do a weekly newsletter for the people I work with and if anyone wants to receive that I will add you to our mailing list. I do all of this because I believe when you can’t see the solution, you must be the solution. This map is now covered in pins where my cases are so I can’t share any current pictures. I set up ‘Looking Beyond the Labels’ to help people, I had no idea we would get so big so quick. It took 12 days to have cases in England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, and America. Nearly four months in we have reached roughly 500 Parents and Professionals.

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How to get in touch

Here is my Project Details so that people can get in touch with me. As stated already, everything is fully confidential, and I take my commitment to Privacy very seriously. Only if I became aware of a serious risk of harm would I need to seek support and advice. In nearly 4 years of working Therapeutically I have never had to break confidentiality so far but if I need to Safeguard than I have a responsibility to do so. I would always discuss this first and uphold transparency.

  1. Looking beyond the Labels: LBTL is my Project Name and my name as an Independent Investigator. I have an Instagram page which is Public @looking.beyond.the.labels.uk and I have Twitter for the investigative aspects of my work which is on Twitter @LBTLUK
  2. The Parents Review Team are analysing and engaging with the current Governments Investigation into Children’s Services chaired by Josh MacAlister. We have our own PRCSC21 Case Referencing system and are supporting everyone to get their views and voices to the Review Team. We have an email address for parents and young people needing support. Email us at cscparentsreview2021@gmail.com
  3. My Instagram is @questions_from_the_diamond_ and my Twitter is @LoisDiamondUK. I read everything that is sent to me and where I can help with advice, emotional support or sometimes in more practical ways I always will do. If you want to get in touch I would love to hear from you.
  4. My two recommendations for other good resources for Parents and Families are Instagram’s @mollysadhdmayhem_ and @emmakennytv. They are on YouTube too.

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I hope this has been helpful for people and honestly do get in touch if you have any comment or questions about anything in the Interview or what you have read here. I am also happy to have any feedback or advice too as I am by no means an expert, I am just a passionate mother who’s trying! As well as helping other’s I do a lot of collaborative work with other like-minded people, so I am open to suggestions so get in touch with ideas too please!

And to finish I just want to remind everyone that as we grow and recover from the shared trauma of this current Pandemic there will be so many opportunities for great change. Please continue to reach out when you need support, stay connected, look after yourself and be reminded that you are a person of purpose and power! And if I had one message for everyone its….if you cant see the solution, be the solution!


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