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Warren Clark Golfing Dreams

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Anna Kennedy OBE was honoured and proud to have been asked on Friday to be a Patron of the Warren Clark Golfing Dreams registered charity, set up to deliver S.N.A.G Golf (Starting New at Golf) and Tri Golf to disabled, and disadvantaged, individuals, and groups for free.

Mainly through golf related activities, the charity set out to make a difference to people’s lives, encouraging them to be socially active, and challenge themselves to take part in sport.

Through their fun sessions, which are inclusive for all, they do team building activities, encourage people to socialise, have fun, reduce isolation, and spend time together.

Warren, whom the charity is named after, is a young man with Autism and learning disabilities. Warren is passionate about golf and represented team GB at the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

Warren is a qualified S.N.A.G Golf coach and loves to share his passion with others. Introducing golf to a wide range of disadvantaged people is what Warren dreams to do and does.

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In the summer of 2019 Warren Clark Golfing Dreams attended over thirty-five local events and introduced golf to over 6,000 people.

Whilst spending quality time with their own family members and friends, people from all walks of life come together in our sessions, meet new people, work as a team, and learn to communicate with others. People with physical and learning disabilities, and differences of faith and culture interact in our community sessions where we teach golf, teamwork, and social tolerance.

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Though only a few years old, Warren Clark Golfing Dreams has already received a lot of support from local schools, colleges, charities, councils, businesses, and sporting organisations which include Linden Lodge School, the National Autistic Society, the Yume Project, EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association), the Arctic One Foundation, and West Sussex County Council to name but a few.

Their organisation has been previously funded by Sport England to purchase a Snag Golf Inflatable which was the first in the U.K.

Anna shared: “Warren is an amazing, kind, and caring young man and fantastic role model. He has volunteered at the Golf Centre since he was 10 years old. His passion for teaching golf to autistic children and adults as well as individuals with varying disabilities is clear to see. He spoke to me about his exciting future plans with the support from his family and the golf club. I am excited to be Patron and will support him where I can”.


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