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Logan Richards – my experience at Autism’s Got Talent 2022

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Despite being unwell I was still raring to go for Autism’s Got Talent 2022!  I was so excited for the train journey which took just over 3 hours. London Kings Cross station was not as busy as I was expecting but I think that was because of the time of day we arrived. After unpacking our clothes at the hotel, we went to the Mermaid theatre to meet everyone.

This was one of the parts of the week I was looking forward too!  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming although, I did have to sit in a corner as I felt so ill, but nothing was going to stop me from enjoying this weekend!  Afterwards my mother and I went back to the hotel to relax.

Breakfast was fantastic as it was an all you can eat buffet! I wish I wasn’t still unwell as I would have eaten much more!!  I was so excited for the day to start.  First of all, I got ready into my red-carpet outfit which was black trousers, white shirt and a red tie which my parents had bought me ready for the day. I do feel smart in these types of clothes, and it made me feel important.

I had photos taken with Anna Kennedy and Phil and then one on my own. Next it was time for a dress rehearsal! As I was act number 6, I stayed back stage until it was my time.  I was eager to have my head mic fitted too!  Everyone was absolutely lovely, and I chatted to lots of the other performers.  Another thing I was looking forward to was the buffet although I was rather full from my breakfast! 

Soon it was time for the big event, and I was excited and happy to be doing this. I got changed into my outfit for my performance and went to the theatre.  At first, we sat in the audience before everyone came in to watch.  I was a little nervous about my voice but excited at the same time. When it was my turn to perform it felt really good seeing the audience wating to hear my monologue.  I just love performing and felt so comfortable.

Afterwards, I got to sit in the audience and watch act 2.  Everyone was amazing with their performances.  Soon it was time to say goodbye to everyone. I am so proud and happy that I got chosen to perform in Autism’s Got Talent 2022 as performing is my passion.

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