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Sarah Knowles – my experience at Autism’s Got Talent 2022

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I had the time of my life at Autism’s Got Talent 2022!

It was so lovely meeting everyone including all the Organisers and volunteers who were all so welcoming, friendly along with the other Performers who are all Talented.

It was wonderful to know I was meeting lots of fellow Autistics knowing we all have something unique in common…. being Musical and Autistic with our own variety of flavours and magical-ness.

I know my friend Jackie Smith also really enjoyed it too.

It was especially lovely too that Autism’s Got Talent put us all up in the Premier Inn for two nights only a 10-minute walk away which was fantastic.

I shall carry on savouring what a lovely time I’ve had and let the next bunch have their turn next year.

Thanks again for having me.

Anyone thinking of applying? I’d say go for it, whatever age you are.

If you have a Talent to share?

Then get yourself on the Stage and shine.

Click here – to apply for Autism’s Got Talent 2023


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