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Charlie Conway – my experience at Autism’s Got Talent 2022

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I loved every second of Autisms Got Talent, everyone there was so welcoming and kind. I loved performing on stage, it was the first time I performed in a theatre.

We travelled to London by car which took us 4 hours. This was the first time I’ve been to London; I loved the tall buildings in London and the beautiful architecture.

Taking part in Autisms Got Talent has made me feel good about myself, I suffer from bad Anxiety, and it lowers my self-esteem. Getting to the final has helped my self-esteem. Anna Kennedy and all her staff are truly great people. I will treasure this memory and experience forever.

Dawn and Keith looked after me on the day of the performance, they were truly amazing, big thanks to them! It was so nice to be around other people with Autism and getting to meet them, it is so inspiring.

Every single performer had amazing talent.

I have spent the past year isolated with Social Anxiety and I’ve been struggling a lot and not really mixed with many people at home and school, so this was a massive challenge for me.

Being around such supportive people and being allowed to be myself really helped, this is something I didn’t think I would ever do, but thanks to the amazing team at Autisms Got Talent, I have achieved my dream.

I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about applying for Autisms got talent to go for it, it is an experience you will treasure forever.

Click here – to apply for Autism’s Got Talent 2023


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