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SEND in Museums Advocacy Film – an article by our Charity Champion Kellie Barker

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Oscar and I were honoured to take part in a short film made by #SENDinMuseums funded by @acenational.

Museums are very sensory for us and the reasonable adjustments that museums make including the sensory backpacks mean we can adjust Oscar visit even further, meaning we can enjoy a space together as a family.

The film is to promote how museums need to be on the agenda for education and leaker for families of SEND and marks a local school as they explore the Beaney museum in a sensory way.

Personally, museums hold a lot of joy for us they allow Oscar to explore history and nature and feed his sensory diet in a place that is calm, and we have only ever had positive experiences in museums, it’s wonderful to enjoy them together.

Oscar very much enjoyed taking direction during the filming and really enjoyed all the different area of the museum from dinosaurs to Egypt.

The film was commissioned by ace national at Maidstone museums, please watch!

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