We are living in such a strange & fast-paced, ever-changing world that can be hard to keep up with sometimes.  So recently, I’ve been sharing quick & easy tools & techniques that you can use anywhere & at anytime. This week I’m sharing with you how to massage your ears.

It couldn’t be easier !

The ears contain all the reflex points to every single major body organ.

Why is this important ?

Because when we are stressed out or under flight, fight or freeze for prolonged periods, our cells actually begin to die. They do not rejuvenate or replace themselves, leading to our major body organs start to break down.

Stress is public enemy No 1 of the body & is the enemy that causes almost all illness or disease, both mentally & physically.

When we go into flight or fight the entire immune system shuts down which is why we start to feel run down. The cells also shut down & can’t receive any blood, oxygen or glucose.

So by gently “twiddling”, stretching & pulling the ears, we immediately release oxytocin & begin to ease our anxiety but we are also giving ourselves a major body workout .

So twiddle & gently stretch your ears when you feel overwhelmed, are getting brain fog or are just feeling exhausted.

You are doing yourself a world of good both inside and out !

Take care everyone,

Lots of love,

Giuliana xx




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