We all hit points in our lives at times where it all just gets too much. This applies to us as parents of children with additional/special needs as well as our children themselves.

Stress and fatigue amongst SEN parents is 4x higher than in the military & we are also suffering with PTSD or secondary PTSD at equivalent levels to a combat veteran. These easy breathing techniques are discreet & fast acting, lowering your heart rate & blood pressure as well as reducing stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

Using deep breathing techniques helps you to control your emotions, to self regulate, as well as boosting attention, focus & learning ; giving us that all-important perspective as our bodies are taken out of flight or fight. Deep, mindful breathing also helps you to remain calm ; essential for those of us in the “front line” whether it’s personally, professionally, or both. Appropriate social behaviours are then stimulated as well as happiness.

Have a great week everyone. It is a tough world out there at the moment so please remember to take those deep breaths when you need to.


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