Anna Chats to Jameson Stocks celebrated Chef on Womens Radio

Jameson Stocks may be best known as James stocks is a celebrated chef who is gained international acclaim by receiving multiple national awards for his outstanding cooking at the age of 23 James became the youngest recipient of national restaurant of the year amongst other things, been involved in a number of globally aired television programmes, Masterchef cake boss feature on CNN, ITV, NBC, Channel 4 to name a few he has also been an ambassador for the Princess trust for the last 11 years after having his phones hacked and press Intrusion and having to give evidence at the Levenson enquiry Jameson took himself away from the public limelight to concentrate bringing up at two children … and work away from the public eye.

Jameson’s eldest son is Jaxon and diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

You can hear this interview on 13th February at 1pm and 1am.

Anna with James' son, Jaxon

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