4 Ways To Improve Your Neurodiverse Relationship 😻


On YouTube, one topic that seems to garner a lot of views is Dating & Relationships. So what are my Top Tips for improving Neurodivergent/Neurotypical relationships? 🤔


1️⃣ Use Personality Tests 🧪


💥 Big 5 + 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs)

💥 Love Language & Attachment Style

💥 Intimacy Needs + Sensory Differences Tests


This will allow you to open up a dialogue between both of you…

Helping you to Identify & Understand how to fulfill each other’s individual NEEDS 🙌🏻



2️⃣ Strong Verbal Communication & Trust 💕


Useful for any relationship, from my experience…

BUT much more key to Mutual Contentment in NT/ND relationships ☺️

There tends to be a lot more Crossed-Wires & difficulty interpreting each other’s Non-Verbal Signs correctly

Establish an Open Dialogue and build TRUST through the following ACTIONS 🗣


3️⃣ Develop an interest in, and ask questions about their Special Interests 🎮


Interests make up a large part of an Autistic persons life…

Their Passion, Relaxer, Anxiety Reliever… an endeavour of Curiosity 📖

Be part of their world, and share information about your own interests 🌍


4️⃣ DON’T Provide Support if you haven’t asked or if this hasn’t been agreed to 🙅🏻‍♂️


It’s important for us to have Independence, to practice Life Skills

Although this may help in the Short-Term…

It can lead to Dependency & Low Self Esteem if done consistently 😓

If they do want help with things you can ask or they will tell you


⚠️ You AREN’T their Carer, you are their Partner ⚠️


Whilst Autistic people may need support in some areas…

It’s important to maintain intimate connection based on Love, Communication and Reciprocation…

💂🏻‍♀️ NOT Care and Duty 💂🏻‍♀️



What are your Top Tips for navigating Neurodiverse Relationships? 💭





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