Happy Valentines Day everyone and I hope you all manage to share some of it with those whom you love the most.


Love is so important every day of the year.

And whilst romantic love is wonderful and exciting, our self love is also important.

If we love ourselves we can give so much love to give others.

I often think that if our self talk was how we spoke to friends, would we have any friends left ?

It’s taken me a lifetime to love myself and it feels beautiful. I work if leaned how to long, long ago.

Loving others is deeper when we ensure that we love ourselves. Very often our children who are “different” need to know that love even more because of the constant messages of “deficits”, “disorders” and being in a different “community”.

That, to me, is powerful love indeed.

As advocates and fighters for our children, that love makes ALL the difference to who they can be in the future.

Loving others has fortunately never been a problem for me.

When my second son was born with autism, so was a journey of the truest, strongest , fiercest love.

I believed resolutely in him when no one else did.

I silently fought and found a million different ways to get things done ; to open doors that I was told by every single professional were shut to Ollie and me.

Sound familiar ?


I sang my son’s song when he had forgotten it and became so ill due to the total ignorance surrounding autism.

Here is a poem he was challenged to write as part of an English class over a decade ago when he was just 13 years old.

He was in gifted and talented at the time but when he started at his mainstream college later that year, he was plunged into bottom sets across the board because “ he will never achieve because yes autistic”.

He was destroyed, broken.

The darkest chapters of both our lives began – and unswerving love would get us through .


The Fly

By Oliver Wheater

Aged 11

I am the fume that lives in your clothes.

I am an irritation of love beneath your skin.

I come in swarms like a flock or birds.

A most to your eyes you see a plague of love in me.

I am a grain of the dark sky scattered on the stars.

Within you is the fly.




When you love , you have no desire to hurt another.

When you love someone you never stop believing in them and their song.

You keep telling them how beautiful they are when they feel at their ugliest.

You see never stop seeing their wholeness when they feel utterly broken.

Love got Ollie and I through – and still does.

So love your loved ones always and never stop believing in them, whatever limits ignorance might box them in with .

And you will both fly in ways you never dreamed possible.










Lots of love to you all on this special day ,

Giuliana xx


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