All Things Autism in Essex for February saw Daytime presenter Aston Avery and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE from autism charity Annakennedyonline speak about the latest news from the autism community as well as the charity.


Anna’s quote after the show:

“Our second ‘All things Autism in Essex ‘ on Gateway for 2023. What a great show, 2 amazing guests Matthew Bennett and Richard Stevens chat to Aston and I .

“The focus on this month’s show was very much on wellbeing, mental health and not to suffer alone please reach out and talk to friend’s families or an organisation you feel you can trust. Also challenges people decide to take on when loved ones or themselves get diagnosed to raise money for charities they support and have helped them.

“Look forward to bringing you more guests in March . As always keep checking charity website for our latest news.

“Take care everyone Love Anna x”


Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens

So, after last year’s walk which has raised over £2,500 for the charity I was asked where do we go from there on the next challenge. After the walk, it was tough and my feet had taken a lot of damage walking 81+ miles over 3 days so we needed to plan bigger, but safer.

That’s why we decided to walk for autism over the whole year…365 miles in 2023, but to keep with the previous walks we needed it to be a challenge so we decided that the last Saturday of every month would be a 28+ mile walk based on how many days were in the month. So, by the last weekend of December 2023, we would have walked 365 miles for Anna Kennedy Online.

I have recently been diagnosed with Autism and feel now myself and my son have a lot more in common.


Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett

FMA + 12 Gage are a multi-award-winning father and son rap duo from Preston. Made up of Matthew and Callum Bennett, the project initially began in 2013 as a way of helping Callum’s confidence but snowballed into something that neither of them could have predicted. Their music is built around creative lyrics and tightly woven, imaginative dual vocals. Combining the aggression of metal and the verbal skills of hip-hop with the energy of youth and the experience of age, they create hybrid songs that are a fusion of high energy rap, electronic, metal and dance music. They are an act unlike any other.

All Things Autism in Essex will return in March.

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