My experience at the London fashion show was rather exciting.

The clothes that Emre tamer designed were exquisite and so unique.

The makeup artists and hair stylists where so talented and and everyone was so welcoming. I was also so happy that Anna Kennedy and Steven Smith AKO online came along to support me and so proud to be an ambassador to such an amazing charity.


I was the only model that had not rehearsed that day as there was a slight mix up, so being in the deep end made me realise I am probably stronger then I think, as I still pulled it off and got featured in an article.

I really love taking part in such events and showing you can still achieve in life what ever you put your mind to regardless of any obstacles.

I have always been In to fashion since I was age 7 and would always love to look at magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

I always had a very qwerky dress sense so I am happy I am now also being involved in runways as well as music, I love to raise awareness and encourage those who also have Autism like my self to drop there barriers.


Taking part in this fashion show really helped my stage confidence and I was so honoured to have been invited to take part in such a huge and rewarding event.

What made it wonderful was that the sponsors contributions provided financial assistance to the Earth quake victims in Turkey & Syria and invited the guests to do a 1 minute silence for those who lost there lives.

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