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As the month of Love draws to a close, it has struck me that love is something we should be living every month of the year.


And very importantly, self love.



When you are autistic or neurodivergent in any way, self love is even harder to find because of the continual repeated messages from every corner telling you that you’re “deficient” in some way and that your life is determined by “deficits” or “disorders”.

Being a square peg in a round hole just breaks rather than builds our young people.

So this week I’ve pot together a Special Yoga “Love Story” to help build those essential blocks of resilience : self love & self esteem.



You can put together your own stories in this way, as a parent, therapist or teacher to help flood our young people ( and ourselves!) with all those delicious neurotransmitters of self esteem, confidence & happiness as well feeling able to cope & function.

A daily 5 min practise each day will really help to keep that horrible neurotransmitter Myelin, which opens up the brain to mental health issues such as depression & anxiety, at bay.

Believe in yourselves and remember that even on the days where all you can do is show up in your own life, that in itself is TREMENDOUS !!

I really do care for you all.


Believe in yourselves as I believe in you all.

Lots of love,

Giuliana xx






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