Our young charity Patron shares his school journey.


When I started primary school things where great in the early stages.


Later things became really tricky when I went into year four.


A mixture of things, The main one being in the class room there was not enough support to help or accommodate my sensory needs due to being Autsic, Unfortunately my Autism wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2019 therefore I wasn’t really supported and my needs became more evident,

Some people didn’t know how to correctly support me.


In 2019 I was given my diagnosis Autism and a further diagnosis of dyslexia.


In 2020 my mother made the decision to apply for a Specialist Autism School as she felt that Main Stream high School wouldn’t be able to meet my needs?

Due to these contributing factors leading up to this time I had been experiencing some aspects of trauma from Primary School I believe because of my Undiagnosed Autism taking so long to be Assessed resulting in missing out on receiving the help I should have had.


Going to a Specialist School felt like the right thing, I really settled in.

In year 7 I had a male teacher with whom I connected and had a great rapport which was definitely a real positive.


The School was good and I received many interventions to manage my rituals that had become intense when I started using them to help me cope with the unpredictable world.


After a year in a Specialist School I stated to talk to my parents about going back into a mainstream school.


My parents told me this would be a huge task and would involve many professionals.


My parents told me this is not something to be rushed, So we waited for another term before we approached anyone about this, My family wanted to see if I had changed my mind?


I hadn’t changed my mind and still wanted to explore going back into mainstream school.


One Sunday I spent the whole day researching the high MMGH Schools

I came ascoss Trinity Academy I loved the idea of this School as it looked to be very strict and I love the idea of doing a Parade every morning as it is a Navy School.


The Uniform is so smart and the ethos of the School looks incredible.


I wrote a letter myself to the local authority later that week and the ball started rolling.


For almost 8 months my Parents had to attend lots of meetings and send letters in order to fight my corner.


A year and 8 months after I first mentioned the possibility of moving back to the Mainstream High School?

I’m happy to say this is finally happening,

I’m so incredibly elated.


I’m so greatful to Northcott, My Parents, My PA for helping me grow and helping me understand myself.


I’m so excited for my next journey in my education.

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