Anna talks with Charity Ambassador Lauren Lovejoy for Neurodiversity Celebration Week


I really enjoyed my interview on woman’s radio “all things Autism” with Anna Kennedy AKO Online. which will be broadcasted 1pm Monday 6th March. We spoke about different coping methods to help with anxiety and i mentioned some of my coping strategies such as colouring,meditation,watching films,and listening to relaxing sounds and spending time with my cat Ralph.

We also spoke about Autism’s Got Talent and my past experiences in the show and about all the amazing talent that that takes part each year. And I also said it is definitely a show if your wanting to apply that would definitely be an amazing experience. And there’s also support there and a wonderful and friendly atmosphere.


We also spoke about my recent experience in the London fashion show which took place February in Soho which has helped massively with my stage confidence. And Anna Kennedy and Steven Smith kindly came along to support me which was absolutely wonderful.


There where some very interesting questions such as what would I do as a job if I didn’t sing.

We also spoke about my x factor and Miss Universe experience.

And about routine and change and for me I like to know what time I need to be somewhere and have to be on time and have to have notice before taking part in things as i tend to cope better with a set routine.

We spoke about the positives in every day life living with Autism such as I see the world in a different way which really brings my creativity out in my songwriting and performance and also no matter how many obstacles and challenges that i face each day i never give up and keep trying. We also spoke about the not so positives a few of them being high sensitivity issues and days where I am to anxious to leave my apartment. I look forward to doing more interviews in the future thankyou for having me in your show!

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