Today is the start of Autism Acceptance Week although everyday in my book is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day.

As a wife and mum to adults on the autism spectrum, throughout the years I have co founded services for autistic children and adults where none existed and today continue to forge ahead wherever I can. Hopefully, as a charity we are creating platforms or a springboard for many autistic children and adults to navigate their way in this ever-changing and uncertain world we are living in with a little more ease .


Somedays as parents we feel tired and need a moment just for us so be greedy and Take 5 whenever you can ….


Today I am Anna ……Not mum, wife or Chairperson of an autism charity plus many other hats I wear in my life…. sometimes we all need a moment just for us just to recharge our batteries. We are of no use to anyone if we burn out.

So let’s take a moment before we kick start the week whatever it is that we may be doing…


-Anna Kennedy OBE





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