My School Experience – Nevaeh Singer

Hi, Im Nevaeh age 13 (Until July!) and I want to tell you how School is for me.
I am really lucky. I go to a great school and my SEN support is really special. I think it is really important to build a good, honest and respectful relationship with the staff that want to help you as this then makes it easier for them to see if I am having a tough day or if I am overly excited over my achievements.
If I was to name a few things that have helped me settle into this trusting environment – it would have to be 3 main things
1 – Having a separate room where we can go to eat our lunch or spend time in during break, where the other children using it have been allowed to use it if they find the cafeteria too busy, too noisy and too many smells. I collect my lunch and head straight here where I can sit and talk with others in a quiet and less busy environment. We sometimes play Uno in the morning as the room is there for us before school as well.
2 – I am able to get changed for PE in a different area away from the echoing noisy changing rooms. It makes it easier for me as I don’t need to pile up my clothes and I can lay it out in the order I need. This has helped me to like PE more rather than find an excuse to not do it.
3 – SEN Time. I have time scheduled into my timetable where I have the chance to do extra work, catch up on coursework or take a moment to ask about current topics. This helps me to keep on track with my learning.
If you were to ask me what I would change about my school that would be hard. I am very happy at school, I have my safe teachers who I go to when I need help and I can get support from Miss Webb (SEN) and all the LSA’s at any time of the day – The only thing that could help is for my school to be able to show other schools how these changes work for people like me who need extra help, but structure and routine.
I would really like all schools to give the help and support to children who need it, just like I get from my school. All schools should have a separate lunch room to help a really difficult part of the school day.
Love Nevaeh x

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