Words from Melanie and Julia for Autism Acceptance Week 



Melanie and I sat down over a coffee and we spoke this week about some of the research we are doing into plans for future progress in autism.


What puzzles us so much is how different areas are now reporting that assessments for children will only come when they are in crisis and it is far too late – yet our laws speak of early assessment and intervention.




We can’t even have acceptance if we have not had an assessment.


It is deeply concerning given what we know about the development of mental illness within our community and it’s origins.


Acceptance is the critical first step to equality, inclusion and safety. We welcome autism acceptance week and we ask for the community to be heard as we wait for confirmation of our Statutory Public Inquiry into Essex Mental Health. We stand as United communities.




We were delighted to meet Anna again and to introduce her to Nina Ali from Hodges, Jones & Allen, the leading London law Firm who have been backing this campaign now for some years.


Nina chatted to Anna about the present wait for confirmation that we have been granted statutory status. She told Anna about the large number of families who had been prevented from engaging with the present limited inquiry and their need to be heard. She explained that this would only be possible once statutory status was granted and the families would be able to trust in a more powerful process capable of delivering answers and ongoing safety for a community so vulnerable and deserving of those.


I know that we are all exhausted but we were able to confirm to Anna that, should we not get the answer we expect, we have no intention of giving up. We have learned so much and campaigning is in our blood now.


Autism acceptance/inclusion/equality/safety/pride is also in our blood. Alongside our campaigning we are very involved in all of these issues and we stand with our autistic community.


Recently, much work has been done by all of us to unite and stand together and it has shown in the visibility and unity that we show to the outside world.


So many of our loved ones were said to “look normal” and their autism and mental illness were denied. They paid the highest possible price. There is nothing that we can now do for them but we can prevent this ever happening again and we must.


We have all lived through some dark times but we are optimistic and we look forward to having good reason to celebrate.


We hope that the deep reasons why acceptance is so crucial will be heard and absorbed.










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