My School Experience – Callum Kirrage


Hi I’m Callum I’m 16 and in year 11
I go to an autism school.
I find school hard I find it hard to sit and concentrate because of my ADHD I don’t do well in lessons and am anxious because it’s exam year and that really stresses me and I also have to make decisions about my future which I don’t cope with. When I’m stressed I know it affects how I behave and I wish teachers would understand that sometimes I act in different ways because I just can’t deal with what’s going on so I try and shut things out.
Things that help me are people listening to how I feel and not having a go at me,  movement breaks during class I also like the boxing room which really helps when I’m stressed.
I like being active and my favourite thing in school is doing my Duke of Edinburgh.
I think schools need to look past behaviour more and know that we don’t all cope with doing things the same way.
Callum Kirrage

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