What works in School for me and what doesn’t work


At the moment due to my mental health, I am not in school. I have been off school for 4 months. School wasn’t working for me, the school was too big, too busy and too loud. The teachers didn’t understand me, and the whole environment was way too stressful for me. I hated lessons, because I could not cope, and I couldn’t keep up with the work and how fast pace the learning at school is. 

What would work well for me in school is if I could be in a small classroom environment with a few others, and teachers that are fully trained to understand autism and my needs.

I liked working in small groups at school, this worked well for me. To improve my school life I need a smaller more understanding school, that can be flexible with my learning, as some days I am not ready to learn. 

I don’t feel like the school was understanding me at all, because it’s a resource provision attached to a massive mainstream school they expect me to be like everyone else in mainstream, and I can’t be myself at school. I didn’t feel like I fitted in at all. I tried my best to go to as many lessons as I could, but I felt like the teachers were pushing me too far. They expected me to straight away go in every lesson and cope. The school was overwhelmingly large, It had lots of crowds, and I used to hate being in the crowds, especially in the canteen.

I was unable to avoid crowds, due to my lesson timetable, and I cannot cope with crowds. I feel like teachers in every mainstream school need to be trained to understand Autism and sensory needs because I felt like I wasn’t understood by any teacher.


By Charlie Conway


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