How I’m getting on at School


Hi, I am Logan and have recently moved from a specialist school to a mainstream school. Initially, there is a 12-week period to see if I actually like the school and get on there.  On one hand, I was so nervous at first because I wondered how the environment would be and if I would get on with some of the other pupils and on the other hand I was excited to see what opportunities I would have in a mainstream school setting.  The main focus for me though is having the opportunity to explore the wide and varied curriculum this school has to offer as I really want to work towards gaining GCSEs so that I can access the courses I want to do at sixth-form college and university. I also wondered how the other pupils would view me because of why I had suddenly appeared in their classes part way through the year and also the fact that I saw a pupil that wasn’t nice to me when I was at primary school.  Some pupils just came straight out and asked if I was autistic and when I said yes they carried on talking to me and are really nice. For instance, I did my first ever woodwork class and found it really hard to use the saw to cut the wood, other boys started to show me and help me with this skill. It’s so tricky! This school also has a homework club that I attend on a Monday and I just wish that I could go every day.  

There are also lots of extracurricular activity clubs that I am able to join which there was no opportunity for anyone to join at the special school so this is a big plus for me.  I really love the uniform and wearing the beret as it makes me feel very important.  Each day starts with a parade and I did worry at first how this would affect one of my rituals of everything being equal.  Marching around the playground, I thought, would be difficult if my strides weren’t as equal as I would like them to be but after a couple of days, I realised that this didn’t matter as nothing bad was going to happen just because it wasn’t all equal.  

I currently have 8 more weeks until the transition period is over and so far I can certainly say I love it.  

By Logan Richards

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