Some differences you cannot see so why not practise acceptance with everyone – the key to a peaceful life #autismacceptanceweek


Kacey Ainsworth on learning about how to support people on the autism spectrum after her son’s diagnosis – via Yahoo News


“The things that I’ve learned are that everybody looks at things differently. Actually, you only need to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate people with differing abilities. And a) we don’t see enough of that. And b) we need to be more accommodating.

Because I think there’s a lot of situations where children are excluded from school or a lot of young people in prison are undiagnosed, with various differing abilities.

And if we just look at those children and say: ‘Right, this child is not going to sit on a mat and listen to a story because this child can’t do that. So what else can I do for this child?’

That’s why things like fidget spinners came in, because then your child will sit on a mat and listen to the story because they’ve got a fidget spinner to also deal with.

But what used to happen was that teachers would go: ‘Oh, you can’t do that, because everyone will want one.’ Well, not everyone has a differing ability.”




Something we saw yesterday resonated too at the world trade centre

Everyone is different and everyone is the same

Acceptance x

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