Autism show – April 2023

As part of Autism Acceptance Month, All Things Autism in Essex with Aston Avery and regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of autism charity Annakennedyonline highlighted the upcoming Autism’s Got Talent roadshow that is taking place on 20th May and spoke about the latest updates within the autism community.

The first guest Aston and Anna spoke to was Emily Keavney from Daisy Chain.


The second guest Aston and Anna spoke to was Glenn Knight from Training 2 Care.

                the Autism Show on Gateway 97.8 with Glenn Knight            

The third guests Aston and Anna spoke to were Matthew Bennett from FMA12Gage and NoTrixx.


Anna had this to say after the show:

“Another busy show on ‘All things Autism in Essex’ with Aston Avery and I . We shared lots of updated information and interviews with Emily Keaveney, Glenn Knight , Matthew and N0trixx.

“We chatted to Emily about the upcoming preparations for the Autism’s got Talent Roadshow on May 20th. AnnaKennedyonline are working together to showcase some amazing talent at the wonderful Globe Theatre in Stockton. Anna celebrated being a Patron of the charity for 9 years . There is a buzz in the air about the show and Anna will report back later in May.

“Our next guest was long time friend of the charity and Gateway Glenn Knight Founder of Training 2 Care. Glenn shared news of their first Advancing Autism conference where Aston , Dawn Avery and I plus many more guests will be speaking in Colchester at The Rugby Club.

“Please see for more information.

“Our last guests were Matthew Bennett and N0trixx who are part of The Neurodivergent Crew. They are a collective of Neurodivergent Artists. They have united together because they share a mission. Their goal is to raise awareness and make a change. Each of their stories are unique in its own way and they hope to help others by sharing their stories they can make others feel less lonely.

“Anna and Aston also spoke again of their love of dance and celebrating 12 years of Autism Dance Day. Many photos and videos were shared across social media and a short video was shared by Lauren Russell one of Ann’s Patrons with the support of Giovanni Pernice, Lauren Oakley from BBC Strictly and Sandi Gogglebox.

“Please see the video withover 4k views on our latest news page.

“Looking forward to catching up again with Aston in May.

“Keep going everyone one day at a time!

“Lots of love Anna x”

All Things Autism in Essex will return in May.

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