Marcus Mason-William, who performed in the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow in 2018, talks about his digital art business CoolArt2021 to the panel of First Steps judges. Marcus went on to win the pilot program 


I set up my CoolArt2021 digital art business in 2021, to sell cards and merchandise, featuring my artwork, which is inspired by my passion for wildlife and nature. My parents support me with my business.

I design and sell greetings card and Christmas card collections via my website and some via I also design and sell bespoke E-Cards/Certificates.

My website also offers a range of products, featuring my designs, using 2 fulfilment companies: Printful and Order A Print.

The first year of trading exceeded my business plan agreed with the DWP under the IPES / New Enterprise Allowance programmes.

My customers include Special Olympics of GB, DFN Project SEARCH, Genius Within, family, friends and their contacts. I am active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


As Anna knows I love performing (performed at AGT in Liverpool). My longer term ambition is to be a story teller / animator and one day even to make a movie.

I have a way with children and can communicate with them as I understand how they feel when adults normally communicate with them.

I have written a number of children’s stories: e.g. Ugly Duckling and the Rat and the Little Reindeer. I am currently writing a story about a football-loving zebra named Milo and another called the Horse and the Dragon.

I had introductory animation training from Exceptional Minds in Los Angeles, USA (an autism specialist organisation). I subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud products. I converted The Little Reindeer story to storyboards and added an audio track playing the various parts and shared this on Instagram before Christmas last year.


Marcus Mason-Williams



It was amazing to see Marcus’s face light up and change his world! He was truly deserving the investment he won and I am trilled to support such a passionate and driven individual. Supporting people with Autism is my passion as I wasn’t proved the same, so understand why it’s so important…


The talent was inspiring and I deeply felt the courage that has gone into the performers appearing so confident and professional…Huge congratulations to everybody who supported and made the event an extreme success!


Ben Pearson


It was a huge honour to be a judge for first steps pilot .

To meet Marcus and share his passion for business and change making was exciting and refreshing .

Marcus is a true entrepreneur with a huge sense for moral justice and doing the right thing with confidence and passion , sharing and collaborating with others to uplift them is an endearing quality .

Marcus is able to celebrate his neurodiversity and share his skills through his artwork and energy and drive .

First steps provides an Opportunity to receive mentoring and I’m very glad Marcus won because I think this is the very beginning of something very special .


Kellie Barker


We will keep everyone updated via the charity website on Marcus progress throughout the year.


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