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As a young adult, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to do with your professional life. With so many options to choose from, how do you pick one path? If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, a knack for leadership, and good problem-solving skills, you might thrive in a business role. Plus, a career in business is an excellent choice for people with disabilities. Want to learn more? Keep reading for tips from Autism Hero Awards to help you plan your career in business!


Why Consider a Career in Business?


A career in business offers several benefits to young people with disabilities. As Prospects explains, a business career offers a wide variety of specialisations, from accounting to management. You should be able to find a specialisation that aligns with your interests, skills, and level of ability. What’s more, most of these jobs can be done remotely! If you require certain adaptive equipment to work at a computer or if your disability makes commuting a challenge, the opportunity to work remotely could make your career a lot more accessible.


Beyond these perks, pursuing a career in business will help you learn advanced skills that are easily transferable to other industries. The skills you will learn in school are in high demand by employers, even in areas outside of business. As a result, you’ll still be able to put your education to good use even if you decide that business isn’t right for you.


Map Your Education Path


Your education requirements will depend on the business specialisation you choose. Your degree specialisation options include:



Regardless of the specialisation you choose, you’ll want to enrol in a business degree program. A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete. This is likely all you’ll need for an entry-level position, but you may want to go back and continue your education in the future. Keep in mind that online programs may be more accessible to you depending on your disability.


Get Your First Job


Once you’ve earned that degree, it’s time to land your first job. The professional networking site, LinkedIn, is great for finding prospective job opportunities. At the very least, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for connecting with other professionals in your chosen business field. Create a profile on LinkedIn with a professional photo, a compelling headline, and an engaging description of who you are and what you do best. Avoid the mistake of treating LinkedIn like Twitter or Instagram; instead, keep your posts professional, positive, and honest.


Although an online profile is a great way to network, many employers still want to see a traditional resume from job applicants. Fortunately, there are great free templates that you can download and modify to meet your needs. Once you are done, convert your file to a PDF to ensure it is stable and appears exactly the way you want. And don’t worry. If you need to alter file types, a jpeg to PDF conversion tool is easy and free to use.


Work Your Way up the Ladder


Most people pursue a career in business with the intention of climbing the corporate ladder and eventually filling a management position. To do this, you’ll need to set career goals. That includes both long- and short-term goals, as well as breaking down your ultimate goals into bite-sized pieces that are easier and faster to achieve. Use these goals to map out a plan. Your strategy might involve networking, going back to school, or taking on more leadership roles in your current position.


Advocate for Your Rights and Needs


If you have a disability, it’s important that you advocate for your needs as an employee. Don’t be afraid to request the accommodations you need to do your job well. This is your right! While more and more employers are making an effort towards workplace equality, make sure you know your legal rights so you can stand up for yourself in a worst-case scenario.


Take Steps Towards Your Career


When it’s time to start thinking about your professional goals, consider a career in business! Take a look at your degree options, set up a profile on LinkedIn, and map out your long-term career goals. With a little effort, you’ll land your first entry-level business job in no time!

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