North East-based charity, Daisy Chain is celebrating following a sell-out night of entertainment, inclusivity and celebration at the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow 2023, attended by over 500 people at The Stockton Globe.

The organisation teamed up with Anna Kennedy OBE to shine a spotlight on the talents of autistic people and featured spectacular performances including ‘The Mind Mangler’ comedy sketch, a non-speaking adult who loves to sing, and a 12-year-old dancer who was wheelchair bound until she was 9 and has battled to be accepted into a dance school.

CEO Neeraj Sharma said: “The performances on the night were exceptional, and I’m immensely grateful for everyone who made it possible, including Anna Kennedy and Tees Valley Community Foundation.

“The show gave autistic individuals the opportunity to have a platform to shine in an inclusive and supportive environment, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the audience was blown away by the extent of the talent. More money needs to be injected into the performing arts sector to create future events like this and make them part of the annual entertainment calendar.”

Anna Kennedy OBE said: “I’m so proud to once again have brought the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow to the North East. It means more than you can ever know since I was born in Middlesbrough.

“As a charity supporting autistic children and adults, we aim to continue to build Autism’s Got Talent year by year and we want all those involved to have fun, do what they love, make friends and just be themselves. This is one night that is all about the performers creating memories and saying – yes, I did it!”

Dylan Pitt, who showcased his amazing singing voice at the live show said: “Autism’s Got Talent was a phenomenal experience and I loved every second of it! I’m used to only ever singing to my Nana in the living room so the opportunity to perform on such a big stage in front of so many people was amazing.

“Thank you to Daisy Chain and Anna Kennedy – you have made my dreams come true!”

Autism charity Anna Kennedy Online hosts Autism’s Got Talent every year in London and has done for the last 12 years.

Daisy Chain is passionate about supporting autistic and neurodivergent children, young people, adults and families and shining a light on neurodivergent talent through its performing arts program.



Act Two



Shaun Allen-Mulroy

Shaun has a strong passion for folk music particularly sea shanties and goes by the name of Captain Mulroy. He enjoys drumming, singing and volunteers at Community Voice FM Radio in Middlesbrough where he is learning the art of broadcasting.

Despite being bullied at school he has found his confidence in music. He also has an ability of imitating people’s accents switching from a Cockney to a Scot.

He is a keen trainspotter , loves visiting London (known as his happy place) and exploring on the underground. Has a love of Indian food and Xbox gaming. The Captain will be turning 18 in December and has high hopes of working for a National Radio station in the future.


Holly Allison

Holly is 25 years old and loves to play music and create videos for her YouTube channel, where she also creates bullet journal videos too. Holly hopes to think that her videos bring joy to peoples lives as she just likes to make people happy! 

A couple of random facts: Holly is absolutely obsessed with the colour yellow, and she also loves rubber ducks! (Her nickname is ducky) Holly recently moved into her own place which has been both fun and stressful. Holly volunteers at a café and also has a cleaning job. Holly is working towards her grade 4 Piano.



Brooklyn Burgess

Brooklyn is a loving and bubbly 11 year old she has danced since she was 5 years old. She  attends Muir school of Irish dance. 

Brooklyn is dedicated and passionate about her dancing. When she has a break from dancing Brooklyn loves nothing more than to crochet and she spends hours creating amazing teddies and blankets. Brooklyn’s family, friends and teachers from Saint John the Baptist primary are extremely proud of her commitment, achievements and confidence she is an inspiration to them all.



Stencil Pencils

Stencil Pencils are 3 uniquely creative sister and brothers, Indiana Harris-Herbert who is 9, Kale who is 13 and Johnson who is 14. They write, dance, and perform all their own songs. The band came together because of a school homework project set by Kale and Indiana’s teachers during the 1st Covid pandemic lockdown to stop them from being bored and so they could entertain the family. They have been labelled as the ‘World’s Youngest Autism Band’ who successfully auditioned in Manchester for BGT (Britain’s Got Talent) in February this year and got 4 YES’S and Big Thumbs Up especially from Simon Cowell!



Bobby Latherton & Beth Miller

Bobby is a talented songwriter and tonight Beth will be singing one of his songs. A trained singer from Guisborough with over 20 years of experience, some of Beth’s highlights are performing at The 100 Club in London, Hardwick Live and Camp Bestival. 

Beth was overjoyed to have been asked by Bobby to work with him again and they have both been really looking forward to tonight’s show.


Hannah Chester

Hannah is a 17 year old from Thornaby, here in Stockton on Tees.
Currently studying at Prior Pursglove college for her A-levels in classics, Spanish and geology, Hannah has aspirations of studying at Durham University to study classics and ancient linguistics.
In 2019 Hannah started to learn to play the piano, taking her grade 1 later that year. Unfortunately the pandemic arrived and lessons stopped so Hannah continued to self teach and improve her skills to which she still plays at least 1-2 hours every day
Hannah enjoys playing everything from classical pieces to Disney, famous songs to musical theatre



Jasmine Brinkhurst

Jasmine sang in London at Autism’s Got Talent for the first time  when she was just 11 years old. After this performance it gave Jasmine the confidence to pursue her singing and she has sung many times since then, including recording her own version of the song ‘Rise Up’ on a BBC program called This is My Song.

Jasmine is now 18 and has gained all her singing qualifications at distinction in Musical Theatre and Pop. Jasmine feels Autism’s got Talent is where her singing all started and is so proud to be able to sing for you again.


George Smedley

This young man has a passion for the theatre, he has appeared in Northfield theatre company performing as Fagin from Oliver and Curtis from sister act. His other passion is autism awareness, for which he has devised and delivered assemblies in his school to over 1600 pupils. He then went on to deliver training session for all the school’s teachers getting the tone just right.




Kieron Lee

Kieron is an artist and advocate for Autism and Mental Health. He is a proud ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online. Kieron first performed on Autism’s got Talent back in 2017 and also took part in singing on Anna Kennedy Online’s Building Bridges album.

Kieron performed for the new social media platform JAAQ last November at their launch party in London.

He is currently studying for a BA Hons in Popular music. Kieron continues to work on his album and also his clothing release with Born Anxious.


Rising Stars

The Rising Stars project is a part of Daisy Chain’s services that specialises in providing performing arts clubs and activities. They’ve worked on a variety of things from performance events, creating and staging their own play, and even putting on a production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ at the ARC last year (which was the first musical production in the country to feature an all-autistic cast). For Autism’s Got Talent, a group of amazing Rising Stars attendees have been working on the song ‘Stick It To The Man’ from popular musical ‘School of Rock’.
We promise you, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for what the Rising Stars get up to next…


click here to see the Act One performers of Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow

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