Ellie Has a diagnosis of Autism and Epilepsy. Her mum shares how far Ellie has come to give parents hope.


Wow, Ellie!! I remember like it was yesterday watching the shockout show with you. and you saying I want to be on that stage with them. Well, you achieved that. You auditioned then you got an interview. and got offered a place.
1 am absolutely so proud of you. I am beaming with pride. The first few months of being in college were very hard and stressful for you trying to adapt to a new college. the long hours etc. we had a lot of highs and lows, tears. Meltdowns etc. The amount of theory work put an enormous amount of stress and pressure on you because of your struggles on the academic side. Also The long training hours.
The early mornings. At times you were on the verge of quitting. But then you decided you were not going to quit, and pushed through it, you didn’t want to be a failure. You didn’t want to give up. You wanted to prove to yourself that you can do this. whilst all this was going on you was dealing with seizures. You knew in your heart that shockout was the place to be, it was your style of dance with the best training. And opportunities. That’s because you are a strong, determined girl, and you want to succeed. You give 110 percent in everything you do. You have worked so hard for this. You Did your first show which was on another level. Been very lucky to be selected for opportunities plus another performance at the Lowry.
You have improved so much in every way. You are an inspiration to anyone who thinks that just because they have a disability, they can’t achieve and succeed, which you have proven that you can. In your 2nd year hopefully, you will have the support you deserve to make it less stressful for you.

Love you 🥰😍


Anna shares :

‘I have watched Ellies progress the last few years she works so hard and is an amazing dancer.
Keep going Ellie!’ 💜

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