When Anna asked me to write a blog for her website it really made my day.

All my life I have been bullied and now I am being bullied online as well.

I love helping people, it’s a huge passion of mine – I am autistic and struggle with communication and social interaction but I always try my hardest. I connect with Anna Kennedy on social media and I enjoy helping her share all things related to her charity and the different things I love and support. I do this because I enjoy spending time helping share the word to reach more people and raise awareness about topics close to my heart such as autism.

Over last 3 months people being unkind to me – I feel pressured, used and hurt. I didn’t realise doing a good thing could turn into something awful. Even though I can mute and block people – people seem to still be able to sign up using a different name. There doesn’t seem to be any barriers to stop this and it’s not nice.

I’ve had to come off social media because I’m very anxious and scared, it’s affecting my mental health along with made me feel terrible that I’ve let people down, the people who are kind and appreciate my help and support. I do want to be brave and not let these people get to me but it’s not easy.

I feel bad for anyone in same or similar situation to me. I wish I could do something to make social media easier, more positive and a better experience for everybody with or without autism. Technology and software is always changing so l’m sure there is a solution. I haven’t found it yet but I’m not giving up.

Thank you

– Anonymous

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