On Sunday 2nd July Oscar took part in the sunflower sensory 1k for Parallel Windsor, a festival of inclusivity and ITV challenge events for all ages, health conditions and abilities. Oscar was raising money for Anna Kennedy Online and raised £840.

This is an inclusive festival and celebrates all abilities with a core belief of ‘start together finish whenever’. It was held in Windsor great park on the grounds of Windsor Castle.


Oscar has many sensory challenges and we had to put in place many transitional tools for him and reasonable adjustments for him to take part, he became very overwhelmed at the start but enjoyed it once it had started and he completed it, proudly collecting his medal at the end, he also managed to keep his number on for the duration of the race.

The sensory 1k had a sensory tunnel, giant bubbles, and a foam tent at the end that Oscar avoided with every inch of his life but he took great pride in collecting his medal and felt a huge sense of achievement, it was a challenge he worked very hard at it and felt happy he was able to complete it.

For Oscar in his life having a PDA profile everything begins with a no and we work hard to use tools and we do a dance until the No slowly becomes a yes, it is important we take this at Oscar’s pace to allow him to enjoy and achieve things the no is safe, the yes is a chance and he needs huge amounts of support with this, we are extremely Proud of Oscar it’s a huge achievement for him to attend such a huge event and complete it.



Oscar’s go fund is still open for anyone wishing to donate, celebrate his achievements and support this amazing charity.


              Help Oscar complete the sensory 1 k, organised by Kellie Barker gofundme.com          


What will Oscar’s next fundraising challenge be?



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