Anna Kennedy today visits our overseas charity Ambassador Austin Riley at Silverstone. Austin has been an Ambassador since 2017 where he spoke at the Charity Autism Expo at Brunel University.

Paul Jackson is a huge fan of Austin and also has a 36 year old son Christopher who is also on the Autistic spectrum. Paul and his wife have been following Austin’s progress for some time and have arrived today to watch Austin race at Silverstone at the weekend.


Austin’s father Jason is very proud of his son Austin and supports him to all of his races across the world.

We are also proud as a charity to have Austin as one of our overseas charity Ambassadors .

It has been a pleasure to watch Austin’s progress and he has motivated many autistic young people and is a fantastic role model.

Austin has become a champion driver and shows that dreams can come true.



from Austins dad


Quite honestly, it was a bit emotional for me watching Austin lap Silverstone today. A few years ago I could never imagine that one day we would be here doing this. A huge thanks to Radical Motorsport for providing this opportunity. A special thanks to Austin’s sponsors and supporters for helping us make this trip of a life time possible. There are more than a few things for him to get use to this weekend but he did a brilliant job on track today and hopefully he continues to progress.


As part of the prize package for earning the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America Pro 1340 and overall series championship, Canadian Austin Riley is ready for his Hagerty Radical Cup UK debut over the July 28-31 weekend. Competing with Tim Gray Motorsport, Riley will have some familiar faces join him in his first overseas event.


“I am excited and anxious to get to Europe and compete,” explained Riley, who will be joined by RySpec Racing crew chief Richard Yin and driver coach Chase Pelletier. “I can’t thank the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America program and all my partners enough for this amazing opportunity and while I am racing to win, I’m also there for the experience and to represent North America to the best of my abilities.”


Set to pilot a brand new Radical SRX XXR supplied by Radical Motorsports as part of the championship prize package, Riley will compete in the SR3 Pro class and battle some of the UK’s best Radical racers.


Riley added, “The task will not be easy as I need to learn a new car, new track and new team all over a race weekend, but my team and I are up for the challenge.”


A special thanks to Spark Power and Hammond Manufacturing for helping the Racing With Autism team cover the extra costs of having an overseas and extra event added to their schedule.


Along with the chance of a lifetime and experience, Austin is looking forward to connecting with friends and followers from Europe. With a following that grows by the day, Riley has already communicated with several racers and followers in Europe and looks forward to meeting them in person in less than two weeks’ time


Racing With Autism and Austin Riley would like to thank their partners and supporters. A huge thank you to Spark Power Corp., Lincoln Electric, ACL Bearing, Hagerty, Ady’s Army, Hammond Manufacturing, Cal Chip Connected, 6 Sigma Sim Racing, B2C Transport, Forest Contractors, Utech Electronics, Braidan Motorsport as well as all family, friends, and supporters.


Austin Riley is a multi-time champion, the first race car driver with autism to win a major championship, and an inspiration for all who’ve met him. His motto, “Just because you have autism, it doesn’t mean you can’t do great things,” is backed by his success both on and off the track.




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