Tune into womensradiostation.com to listen to “All Things Autism” this week at 1 pm & 1 am.
My guest is Rachel Malthouse.
A physiotherapist and currently undertaking a PHD with University of Plymouth looking at how people over age of 55 who live in supported housing use technology in everyday lives.
Rachel has 3 children of which her youngest son is on the autism spectrum.
She is currently developing an App to help her son James get dressed.
Listen to Rachel’s progress so far.
Anna kindly interviewed me on Monday 23rd for her radio show.
This is the link to our most recent Crowdfunder which is seeking to raise funds to enable us to test our app (Jam Up!) with autistic children and their parent/carers and plan and start to implement feedback into the next iteration of the app.
I first connected Anna to gain her feedback on my prototype autism app in January 2023. After a couple of really helpful meetings she suggested I be interviewed on the radio show. My initial response was no, this was way outside my comfort zone – however everything about this app development journey has been outside my comfort zone, so, with Anna’s support I agreed! I was very nervous beforehand but Anna and the team were clearly very experienced and reassuring. The hour flew by and I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to Anna, learn more about her family, talk about my son and share with her the development of our Autism app, Jam Up! and the link to my Corwdfunder – which will raise funds to support the next testing phase of the app development.

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