Kieron Lee, an exceptionally talented R&B singer/songwriter and composer from Birmingham, is ready to take the music world by releasing his highly anticipated debut album, “ACRONYMS.” After making waves with his heartfelt track “Letting Go” on a compilation album supporting the autism awareness charity Anna Kennedy Online (AKO), Kieron has continued to make significant strides in the industry. As an ambassador for AKO and through his collaboration with Born Anxious for a charitable clothing range, Kieron captivates audiences with his music and efforts to impact society positively.

Embarking on a Soulful Journey: Kieron’s musical journey began with releasing the heartfelt track “Letting Go,” which featured on a compilation album supporting Anna Kennedy Online. The launch event at the iconic Hard Rock in London marked the start of Kieron’s ascent into the spotlight. His exceptional talent caught the attention of J-Rock from Big Brovaz, leading to a collaboration on their hit song “Baby Boy.”

After a period away from music, Kieron is returning with renewed vigour to spearhead the launch of his debut album, “ACRONYMS.”



A Cherished Debut Album: “ACRONYMS” is a testament to Kieron Lee’s artistic growth, guiding listeners on an enchanting journey through soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The album showcases a captivating blend of R&B, pop, and subtle hip-hop elements, offering a diverse musical experience that resonates with loyal fans and new listeners.

Each track on “ACRONYMS” is a testament to Kieron’s sincere storytelling and distinctive artistic vision. From the soulful vibes of his debut single, “NYN,” to the infectious rhythms of “M&M” and the introspective depth of “PMD,” listeners are treated to a tapestry of emotions and experiences.


Beyond Music: Making a Positive Difference: Kieron Lee’s passion for making a positive impact extends beyond his musical endeavours. As an ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online, a notable charity raising autism awareness, he actively supports their cultural campaigns and anti-bullying initiatives. Moreover, Kieron’s collaboration with Born Anxious, a clothing range dedicated to endorsing the album and its singles, underscores his commitment to raising autism awareness.



Not only does Kieron create remarkable music, but he also allocates a portion of the album’s profits to Anna Kennedy Online. Through this generosity, he contributes to the organisation’s ongoing mission, striving to raise awareness for autism and make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals affected by the condition.

Sharing Insights on Thoughty Auti – The Autism Podcast: We’re excited to share that Kieron Lee recently appeared as a special guest on the renowned Thoughty Auti – The Autism Podcast, one of the world’s top-ranked podcasts dedicated to autism. In this insightful episode, Kieron conversed with host Thomas Henley, delving into essential subjects such as men’s mental health and life with autism. The Thoughty Auti podcast aims to unite people through engaging stories, inspiring journeys, andintellectual debates. Kieron, as a talented artist and passionate advocate for autism and mental health awareness, had the honour of sharing his insights on this esteemed platform.

Make sure to save the date, August 10th, as Acronyms will be available on all streaming platforms. You can also buy the album from iTunes, Amazon, or your preferred platform, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Anna Kennedy Online.

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