Marcus and his father Mike were visiting Wildwood Kent over the weekend which is a short drive from my home, so as a mentor for Marcus as the winner of ‘First Steps’ via the Anna ‘Anna Kennedy Online’ charity I invited them both round for a visit. Marcus and MIke were welcomed by Oscar who showed them his new fruits and vegetables he had just bought from Aldis UK and we sat around the table chatting about Marcus and his work with Wildwood  and KENT Wildlife Trust and his visit to present a piece of his artwork to them.
Marcus had drawn the Eurasian Bison as part of a resettlement project they are doing with Wilder Blean and the postcode lottery.

It is a fantastic project reintroducing bison into safe woodland .

During the visit Marcus kept us all entertained with his impressions, film quotes and his dating experiences we also spoke lots about his artwork.

We did also get to see first hand how he creates this on his iPad with his programmes and seeing it come to life was very interesting. We discussed many of his ideas and projects and it was a very productive visit.
I’m going to introduce Marcus to a friend of mine Dez from the award winning Love art pix and maybe he may be able to share some other applications for Marcus to try or share ideas.
I really feel Marcus is doing very well he is remaining focused and progressing new ideas and avenues to grow his business .One thing that took me very much in surprise was the beautiful connection between Marcus and my son Oscar .

It’s a pleasure to be a mentor and also to be a friend to Marcus who is extremely talented and very business minded, one things for sure my hug tank is very very full, if you have ever been lucky enough to have been given a hug by Marcus you will know they are the best hugs ❤️

I look forward to working with Marcus further and watching his journey and see what happens next. We will keep you all posted with his progress.

Kellie Barker.

AKO Autism Champion.

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