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I’d like to discuss something very important that needs our attention. A recent report titled “We deserve better: Ethnic minorities with a learning disability and access to healthcare” has highlighted a significant issue that we must address.


This report reveals that people with learning disabilities from different ethnic backgrounds have an average life expectancy of just 34 years. This is much lower than for white people, who live to around 62 years old. This difference happens because it’s difficult for some people to get good healthcare, they struggle with language, people might not understand their culture, and they might not receive the right care when their situation changes. This problem is made even worse when people treat them unfairly due to both their ethnicity and their disability.


The research was conducted by the University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Metropolitan University, in collaboration with groups like Learning Disability England. They suggest that we need to provide more help to these individuals, keep better records of their backgrounds, and conduct more research to fully grasp and solve this issue.


Just like many others, I feel deeply saddened and upset about this. We all want a fair and equal world, so we must stand up against these challenges. We have to work together to ensure that everyone, no matter who they are, can access medical care when they need it and enjoy a good quality of life.


If you’re interested in learning more about this report, you can read it here: Link to the report


Let’s stay informed and unite our efforts to create positive change.


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