At the Charity, we receive many enquiries about home-to-school travel, and we understand that it can be a stressful issue.


While some Local Authorities (LAs) provide excellent services, others may perhaps need to acquaint themselves more fully with the legal framework.


On 29th June 2023, new “Statutory guidance for local authorities” on this subject was issued.


This document claims to be a significant step forward in clarifying the responsibilities and processes involved in ensuring children’s access to education, particularly concerning transportation.


Key points from the guidance include:


1️⃣ Parental Responsibility: Parents play a pivotal role in ensuring their children’s regular school attendance, including transportation arrangements.


2️⃣ Collaboration: The guidance emphasises collaboration between local authorities and special education teams to incorporate travel into education plans.


3️⃣ Tailored Solutions: Local authorities are required to tailor travel arrangements to individual children’s needs, recognising that distance to school is just one of many factors.


4️⃣ School Support: Schools are expected to support transportation efforts, ensuring that children can access education without barriers.


5️⃣ Transparency and Accessibility: The guidance encourages transparency, accessibility, and fair appeals processes to address any issues that may arise.


6️⃣ Sustainability: Promoting sustainable and active travel aligns with broader environmental and health goals, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts among parents, local authorities, and schools.


For parents of disabled children etc facing challenges, paragraphs 13-26 in the guidance are particularly important and worth close attention.


You can find the full guidance document here:

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