Kyran Julius is hosting a Kickboxing Fight Night to raise money for Anna Kennedy Online

My name is Kyran Julius. I am an actor and personal trainer based in London. I will be holding a white collar Muay Thai fight on November 11th to raise money for Anna Kennedy Online.
AKO has supported me in the past with other projects, such as my first short film “FINISH LINE” which I really appreciated, and I have met Anna a few times at other castings I’ve been invited to. I respect the charity and like what they are doing for other people on the spectrum like myself.
The fight is run through a company called “THE WHITE COLLAR FIGHT CLUB” and will be at THE TROXY on Nov 11th 2023.

I had auditioned for Anna Kennedy several times for various film projects in the early stages of my acting career. At some point I shared with her that I was also on the autistic spectrum, and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 7. I told her this when I made my first short film called “FINISH LINE” which included one character that was autistic. Either My agent or mentor at the time I believe told me that Anna ran a charity for raising autism awareness and i should get in contact with her, which I did. Anna was more than happy to support and show love and has done so since. I’m very proud of her charity and what they all do for those on the spectrum, it’s very cool and I know it gives many people belief in themselves. I don’t think I would have become an actor if it wasn’t for someone figuring out I was autistic and then believing in me and that acting would bring me out of my shell; Anna and her team does that for many.


Support Kyran’s fundraiser but donating here:

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